Project Management in Bangladesh

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Overview of the Assignment

Project is a catalog of human thought on life’s most important questions. We are enlarging the scope of our project and this site is currently under development. Bangladesh is a developing country. In Bangladesh project management is very crucial task in the government institution and government officials. In case of Bangladesh project procedures is very lengthy process. In this concern project planning and implementation is very lengthy because of cultural heritage manpower unavailability, unaware of time concept & cost, centralized authority, complex formalities, lack of technical competence, hesitance and inconsistence in decision making. In Bangladesh, there is no such thing as Time-Cost Trade-Off between objective (project completion in time) and means (formalities & procedure). Looking at the set up of procedures and the continuous changes that are brought in it, one feels that the systems are built on a generals assumption that everybody is dishonest unlike in the west , where by and large “Systems are built on general assumption that everyone is honest”. Project decision making is inconsistence and hesitance in Bangladesh because that can turn out to be either right or wrong. One is in deep waters if the decisions are wrong and appreciation for good deeds is rare. However, Bangladesh govt. and private organization should make strong concentrate that how project implementation procedures make easy public oriented and result based of the project.

Project is a temporary endeavor, undertaken to create a unique product or service. A. Jack R. Meredith
Project means a notion, speculation, imagination a projection, a scheme of something to be done, a proposal for undertaking, an undertaking. B. Chambers Dictionary

Project management
Project Management can be define as the planning, directing and controlling of resources to meet the technical, cost and time constraints of the project. -According to Richard B Chase and Nichols J. Aquilano

Project Management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to a broad range of activities in order to meet the requirement.

Project Classifications in Bangladesh
INVESTMENT Government of Bangladesh has set up certain regulations for the processing of development project. The certain organization for the development planning is the standing Planning Commission. The commission sorts out different projects into various categories.

The projects are divided on the basis of mainly 3 different criteria:

A. Criterion 1- Magnitude of Investment

ABC| All projects/schemes costing up to Tk. two crore or 20 million.All project/schemes costing over Tk. twenty million or two crores and up to Tk. 250 million.All project/schemes costing more than those included in ‘B’ category. | Minister in-charge of the concerned Ministry on the recommendation of Departmental Project Evaluation Committee.Minister in-charge of Planning on the recommendations of the Planning Commission Project Evaluation Committee.Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC) on the recommendations of the PC, PEC and the Planning Minister.| Note: All the above projects have to be included in the 5 year plan with sufficient allocation.|

B. Criterion 2- Project Benefit
See the project classification matrix on this page.
For evaluating projects one needs as much as possible a candid picture of project benefits. Some projects have easily measurable outputs and the others have a comparatively difficult measurability of output. This can cause a dilemma to any project evaluator at a national level, when different projects complete for scarce resources. The projects have a varying degree of score on the social cost benefit evaluation scale. Projects have been categorized for these reasons into flowing different types: Type “X” Self –...
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