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Project Management
Refurbishment of a 3*Hotel Into a Green Hotel

Executive summary
You want to travel responsible? So do we. Tourism is today the fastest growing industry. Unfortunately it is also one of the most polluting. Travellers are more and more conscious of this issue, and choose to give preference to Eco-friendly hotels for their stay. In order to respond to that demand, we chose to transform the “Hotel des arts”, a 3-star hotel located in the heart of Paris, into a green hotel, eligible for the European Eco-label. We want to remodel the old “Hotel des arts” to create a new 3-star hotel, whose criteria will match the French ministry for tourism criteria for the 3 star rating. The principle of the refurbishment lies in the 3 fundamentals of an ecological management system: reducing the use of water, energy, and waste. Thanks to appropriate tools, such as low flow water system, energy saving electrical system, or a better insulation, we aim at providing the management team the opportunity to apply for the European Eco-label in order to make their commitment official. In addition, we will equip the hotel with two new facilities. Firstly, a Spa will be created in the basement of the building, so far unexploited. Secondly, we will take advantage of the location and of the flat roof of the hotel to create a rooftop bar. The hotel will be able to use it as a commercial tool, but it will also benefit the green program of the hotel by being equipped with solar panels, providing electricity for the hotel. As project managers, we will be in charge only of the refurbishment part. All the pre-requisites to purchase the building and the commercialization are out of scope, since the owner and the management team will be in charge of it. We plan the project to last 1 year, considering a certain number of constraints regarding regulation, or license applications delays, and the number of stakeholders involved in the project. Regarding the budget, a hotel refurbishment can seem expensive. Yet, we will benefit from government’s bonuses for green involvement and the hotel will be cost efficient thanks to the water and energy saving equipment, and the solar panels. In the long run, as project managers, our main challenge will be to manage schedules, synchronize comings and goings in order to minimize risks and optimize our chances to succeed in delivering the project in time with success.

I) Introduction

1) Reason for project
We have chosen to refurbish a hotel and transform it into a eco-friendly hotel because sustainable development is more than ever a priority for both hoteliers and customers. Today, with the issue of global warming, customers are more and more interested in hotels that are concerned with the environment, and for that reason our project is an advantage since at the end of our project the hotel will be entirely green and nature respectful. The hospitality industry is very consuming in energy and water, and it produces a lot of waste. For that reason, we will refurbish the building using green and energy saving materials, improving insulation, electric system, water distribution system, in the back offices and in the guest parts of the hotel, because the main part of it comes not only from the guests consumption but most of all from the operating part of the hotel.

Areas where significant advances can be made are in energy management and water saving. In many facilities, energy costs are the second highest operational cost. Improvements in housekeeping and efficiency measures and use of renewable energy can decrease energy consumption. Investment in more efficient energy and water use can lead to significant reduction. Our problem to be solved is that in old buildings, there is too much energy wastage, due to a bad insulation, simple glazing windows, heating installations, old electric systems... and to attain our objective, many things...
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