Project Management Final

Topics: Project management, Critical path method, Gantt chart Pages: 8 (2142 words) Published: March 2, 2013
Phase 5 Individual Project
February 11, 2013

Table of Contents
* Project Management Overview
* Objective-------------------------------------------------------------------------4 * Project Environment------------------------------------------------------------4 * Interpersonal Skills-------------------------------------------------------------4 * Tools and Techniques

* Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT)----------------------5 * PERT Advantages-----------------------------------------------------5 * PERT Disadvantages--------------------------------------------------5 * PERT Monitoring and Controlling----------------------------------5 * Critical Path Method (CPM )

* CPM Advantages------------------------------------------------------6 * CPM Disadvantages---------------------------------------------------6 * CPM Monitoring and Controlling-----------------------------------6 * Gantt

* Gantt Advantages-----------------------------------------------------7 * Gantt Disadvantages--------------------------------------------------7 * Gantt Monitoring and Controlling----------------------------------8 * Project Management Negotiation

* Owner---------------------------------------------------------------------------8 * Project Manager---------------------------------------------------------------8 * Business Advisor--------------------------------------------------------------8 * Business lawyers------------------------------------------------------------9 * Government Agencies------------------------------------------------------9 * Accountant-------------------------------------------------------------------9 * Bankers-----------------------------------------------------------------------9 * Information Services-------------------------------------------------------10 * Change Process

* Project Contracts or Agreements-----------------------------------------10 * Impact of changes on budgets, schedules and deliverables-----------10 * Project team be advised of changes to the project----------------------11 * Information about the change order--------------------------------------11 * References----------------------------------------------------------------------------12

Project Management Overview
Implement a Cybercafé in my hometown that meets all the market necessities required for this type of business .The trade name of the company will be Yeraisabel Cybercafé. Will be installed in a location that has an 8 meters x 12 meters front of background, located in my hometown, where the sector stands commercial, therefore, has good conditions, such as telecommunications, basic public services, water and light and proximity to target market. Project Environment One of the potential negative consequences to open a Cybercafé in my hometown could be the cultural and social impact, I referring to the possibility of the transfer of ideas, values and lifestyles of other cultures threw out the web. In the international/political aspect I can said that the rules and regulations created by the politicians, have significant influence on the cost of running a business and the way it can market products and services. Interpersonal Skills

At our workplace our success will be judged not just by our singular hard work but our relationships with our colleagues too play an important part at it. Professionally it is the synergistic efforts of a team that excels, and to be able to lead that team often decides our administrative & managerial qualities. Cooperation will be an integral part of interpersonal skills as, being able to help others generates a sense of emotional binding among colleagues. Instead of being competitive, we will honestly and cooperatively work for common objectives in a...
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