Project Management Ethics

Topics: Project management, Management, Ethics Pages: 2 (550 words) Published: July 12, 2012
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Unit 9: Ethics
Kaplan University
Opal Struble
March 28, 2012

Definition of Ethics
Ethics can be a very complex subject due to the number of variables including differences in situations, cultures, and individuals. What are ethics? They are the values by which a person’s actions can judged. While some actions can be seen as positive or negative by their nature, a person’s motivation must also be considered. Importance of Project Managers Adhering to a “Code of Ethics” A project manager may be faced with many decisions in which he or she must choose the right course of action. A project manager’s ethics should provide a strong guide for these decisions. Ethics should also assist the project manager with interpersonal communication. The project manager will promote a positive work atmosphere by having honesty and being respectful with their co-workers and clients. They will also benefit from adhering to a central code of ethics by nature of the reputation; it will build for them. This allows to companies seek out employees that can be trusted and who display transparency in their decision processes. Using ethics will allow project manager to build a strong bond. Top Three Behaviors in Your Personal Code of Ethics

Project Management Institute has four fundamental qualities; they are responsibility, respect, fairness, and honesty. Out of the four Project Management Institute qualities the top three behaviors of my personal code of ethics would be respect, fairness and honesty.

How a Project Manager Should Respond to Varying “Situational” Standards of Ethics Project managers are faced with issues that are not easily resolved by knowledge acquired from formal training. The problems a project manager faces are usually not technical but often tend to be ethical or human resource issues. The project manager draws from practical experiences, moral and ethical obligations, and the...
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