Project Management Dependency

Topics: Project management, Critical path method, Project planning Pages: 3 (1247 words) Published: April 3, 2012
Wysocki (2009, p.161) defines a project network diagram as a “pictorial representation of the sequence in which the project work is done”. They are logically arranged, and are used for detailed project planning and also used as control tools. Precedence Diagramming Method (PDM), is the most commonly used method for developing a project network diagram with each task being represented by a rectangle and arrows representing both predecessor and successor relationships between tasks. Wysocki (2009, p.165) describes dependency as a relationship that exists between tasks. Dependencies are important in the development of a network diagram. It helps to determine predecessors and successors for each task. When an output is achieved on the completion of a task, these outputs now become inputs to its successor task. Wysocki (2009, p.164), states that “work on the successor tasks requires only the output from its predecessor tasks”. As explained by Franchina (2010), task dependencies helps project managers determine methodologies that are needed to estimate task duration and know best approaches towards the project schedule and identify tasks that have potential to skew the project schedule. Wysocki (2009, pp. 166-167) gives four types of dependencies. 1. Finish-to-Start (FS): Task (A) must end before task (B) can start. For example, in the installation of a Vsat, A pole is meant to be erect (A) before the Vsat is mounted on it (B). 2. Start-to-Start (SS): Task B can start once task (A) starts. An example by Biafore (n.d.) is, “Members of a road construction crew starts to place traffic cones to close a lane on the highway (A). Ten minutes after they start, the line-painting machine starts to paint lines (B). 3. Start-to-Finish (SF): Task (B) can’t finish Before Task (A) starts. Deng (2011) gives us an example when he states that “our developer couldn't finalize the layout for the homepage without first receiving graphics assets...
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