Project Management Careers

Topics: Project management, Management, Gantt chart Pages: 2 (577 words) Published: December 1, 2012
Project Management
Fall 2012
Search the internet for terms project management, project management careers, project portfolio management, information technology project management. Write down the number hits that you received for each of these phrases find at least 3 web sites that provide interesting information on one of the topics write a two page paper summarizing key information about these 3 web sites as well as project management institution’s Web site ( Gant charts were dominantly used in the beggings of project management however in the 1950’s Entire jobs and professional careers were made around the idea of a “project manager”. Now in beginning of the 21st century technology has revolutionized the field of project management once again. My research and search results have shown that Project Management Jobs have sustained demand over the last 8 years compared to the general field of technology jobs which has seen steep decline since 2004. Google Trends Analysis

One of the articles I had read form InformationWeek was titled “Project management Gets Lean” (IT can't afford to do projects the old way. Lean project management gives a better picture of success or failure.) In this article they explain a scenario where workers feel like projects are happening to them and not because of them. The article goes on to say that, Project managers can get so wrapped up in Gantt chars and forecasting that they often don’t look at the overall picture and this can lead to scope skewing or project failure. Managers have to start approaching projects as Participation over Compliance. Compliance makes everyone feel like a captive prisoner where was participation can give the individual the perception of being a part of the solution. It is staff attitude which often accounts for a projects success or failure. Also if a group does not understand a project is can often add confusion that may hinder the perceived success of an assignment. If at all...
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