Project Management Body of Knowledge

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  • Published : March 23, 2011
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Project Management Body of Knowledge

The first PMBOK was published by the The Project Management Institute (PMI ) to document and standardize generally accepted project management information and practices. The information and practices applicable to any type of project, not just IT related projects. What is the “Body of Knowledge”?

describes the sum of knowledge within the profession of project management. •collection of processes and knowledge areas generally accepted as best practice within the project management discipline. •resides with the practitioners and academics that apply and advance it. •is an internationally recognised standard.

applicable to a wide range of projects, including construction, software, engineering etc. •recognizes 5 basic process groups and 9 knowledge areas typical of almost all projects.

How to access the BOK?

A Guide to The Project Management Body of Knowledge – identifies that subset of the Project Management Body of Knowledge that is generally recognized as good practice.

Identify: means to provide a general overview as opposed to an exhaustive description.

Generally recognized: means that the knowledge and practices described are applicable to most projects most of the time, and that there is widespread consensus about their value and usefulness.

Good practice: means that there is general agreement that the correct application of these skills, tools, and techniques can enhance the chances of success over a wide range of different projects. Good practice does not mean that the knowledge described should always be applied uniformly on all projects; the project management team is responsible for determining what is appropriate for any given project.

Other Purposes: The guide also provides a common lexicon within the profession and provides a basic reference for anyone interested in the profession of project management.

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