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Project: University Alumni Barbecue Gathering

INTI International University College, Malaysia is an international education hub which provides education from United Kingdom, United States, Australia and many more. Graduates of the University seldom get in touch or lost contact with the University after they started their work life. The University would like to get in touch with the graduates and gathering events were held overseas.

Alumni were formed by INTI International University College, Malaysia graduates and there are several staffs and committees suggested to hold a barbecue gathering at East Coast Park, Singapore. The barbeque party will be held on 1st of May Labor Day. We have invited the University Alumni in Singapore and their friends and family, approximately will be 40 participants. The project cost will be sponsored by the University which is S$1,200.

Barbecue gathering are planned one month before the exact date whereby the venue have to be booked and confirm, reason being East Coast Park is the favorite place for organization and leisure events. There are 4 committees are involved in this project, 2 of the committees will be travelling from Malaysia campus to Singapore whereby the other 2 committees will prepare in Singapore.

Aside barbecue, there are interesting games to break the ice and get everyone to know each other better. Food and drinks will be prepared by the organizing committees.

Strengthen the bond among graduates
After graduation, graduates started their working life and most of them did not keep in touch among each other and with the University.

Celebrate festive season together
Labor Day is a public holiday; this gathering could bring everyone together to enjoy after all the years of employment and studies.

Widen our social network
In the work life, our social network is very limited to within our work organization. The study lifestyle is different with work life, not easy to get to know real friends.

Project planning

Barbecue Gathering Work Breakdown Structure

Figure 1: Barbecue Gathering Work Breakdown Structure
Barbecue Gathering Work Breakdown Structure

Stage 1: Confirm and plan the gathering

1. University approved proposed gathering event to be held in Singapore with sponsor grant of S$1,200. The University issued cash to the Organizing Chairperson Jonathan because overseas event require immediate cash liquidity. 2. Jonathan and Lilian will prepare and send out invitation emails to all the alumni. 3. After received confirmation attendants, Alex and Raymond may proceed to prepare the portion of food and games and book the location at East Coast Park.

Stage 2: Prepare the gathering

4. Confirm and book the barbecue pit for at least 40 attendees with the East Coast Park management officer. Then notify confirmed attendees on the venue and how-to-get-there instructions. This task will be carried out by Alex and Raymond and the budget will be $150. 5. After confirmed the games, lucky draw gifts and game prizes have to be purchased in Malaysia so that it will not exceed the budget of this event. This task will be carried out by Lilian and the budget will be $200. 6. Welcome gift for all the attendees will be sponsored by the University; Jonathan will perform this task. 7. Barbecue grills and other tools such as charcoal need to be purchase. 8. Cutlery, paper dishes, plastic cups, tissues, rubbish bags and other barbecue tools have to be purchase as well. * The above task 7 and 8 will be carried out by Alex and Raymond in Singapore and the budget will be $250. 9. Malaysia local food will be prepared in Malaysia and bring to Singapore by Jonathan and Lilian with a budget of $150. 10. Barbecue food and drinks will be purchased in Singapore NTUC Fair Price market by Alex and Raymond with a budget of $350. 11. Variety of food flavor will be prepared after the food purchased from the market. All the...
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