Project Management Assignment

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GMGT684 - Project Management

Assignment #3

Anderson and Sons Construction Company

Anderson and Sons Construction Company has been awarded the contract for construction of the new Harrisville Town Hall. According to the contract, construction must begin no earlier than 5/27/2013 and be completed by Monday September 2, 2013 in time for a special dedication during the Labor Day weekend festivities. There is a $5,000 per-day delay penalty. (Due to contractual agreements with sub-contractors the project cannot start before 5/27/2013).

Bob Anderson has been in the construction business for close to 40 years, this project is similar to several other office complexes he has worked on over years. It calls for preparing the site and constructing a single-story wooden structure with rough-sawn cedar siding and shake shingle roof. The building is to be situated on the side of a small incline, such that the rear of the basement/lower level has a walk-out to the lower-level parking lot. The contract also calls laying the parking lots and landscaping the property. Because of his experience, Bob is confident that his bid is accurate and that the project can be completed on schedule. He does not want to have to work on weekends.

However, late winter and early spring weather conditions have conspired to delay the project. A late winter storm, followed by a quick thaw and heavy spring rains, have already delayed the start of the project. This delay has raised serious doubts in the minds of his three sons, who are now in the business with Bob. Furthermore, a strike at the supplier's plant could have an effect on the delivery of the shake shingles. It threatensone- to two-week delay in the project.

GMGT684 - Project Management
Assignment #3Page 2

The sons -who, in the past, have paid little attention to the initial project planning stage-are now anxious to review their father's estimates. Bob has laid the project as follows:

DescriptionImmediate Predecessor task(s)
Duration (days)
1Clear and prepare the site-6
2Excavate the cellar (lower level)14
3Pour the concrete for the cellar22
4Erect wooden frame, including roof310
5Fasten exterior sheathing45
6Install rough plumbing & wiring57
7Rough carpentry including door and window frames49
8Shingle roof45
9Insulate outside walls6,7,82
10Sheet rock and plaster inside walls97
11Finish carpentry inside1020
12Sand, stain and varnish wood trim, etc.116
13Lay tile in bathrooms108
14Install remaining plumbing fixtures132
15Paint interior148
16Lay flooring156
17Install hot water heater61
18Install heating and cooling ducts46
19Install heat pump 6,183 20Stain exterior5,82
21Finish exterior including gutters and downspouts5,81
22Place insulation in attic101
23Grade and lay forms for walks, driveways, and parking lots213 24Pour walks, driveways, and parking lots233
25Landscape yard245
26Install electrical outlets, switches, etc. and hook up electrical system17,193 27Clean up exterior and interior12,16,22,25,261

GMGT684 – Project Management
Assignment #3Page 3

Bob's estimate is 13 weeks (65 working days). His sons are concerned that this estimate is inaccurate, and the weather delays and delivery delays have intensified the problem of completing the work on schedule.

You have been hired as a consultant to help Bob by applying project management techniques to this project. Prepare a report for Anderson and Sons that addresses:

1. Identify critical path.

2. Determine the expected length of time required to complete this project.

3. Identify two tasks that might be candidates for overtime work if a reduction in the expected completion time is required.

4. The financial and schedule impacts of a one-week (five working days) or two-week (ten working days) strike by...
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