Project Management and Work Breakdown Structure

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  • Published : March 31, 2011
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Conveyor Belt Project
WBS and Network Diagram

This document contains Work Breakdown Structure and Network Diagrams for the Conveyor belt project. The document also contains screenshots of MS Project schedule and Gantt chart.

Conveyor Belt Project
1. Work Breakdown Structure
WBS for Conveyor Belt Project is illustrated below:

Does this information (WBS) allow you to define any milestones of the project? Why or why not? What are they? The information provided in PART 1 alone is insufficient to allow the project staff in defining any milestones of the project. Indeed the hierarchical breakdown of the activities can be designed out of it but for defining milestones; the project staff may well require the following: * Duration of Activity/Activities/Group of Activities i.e. the time allocated to each activity * Resource Dependency i.e. the resources upon which each activity or group of activities rely. Hitherto, we do not know the afore-mentioned aspects of the project and hence only this information is insufficient to provide us any help in defining the milestones of the project.

Following is a pictorial description of the WBS:

2. Network Diagram
As described in the case, we have the following precedence list: Activity| Description| Resource| Duration (days)| Preceding Activity| 1| Architectural Decisions| Design| 25| _|
2| Hardware Specifications| Development, Design| 50| 1| 3| Kernel Specifications| Design| 20| 1|
4| Utilities Specifications| Development, Design| 15| 1| 5| Hardware Design| Development, Design| 70| 2|
6| Disk Drivers| Assembly, Development| 100| 3|
7| Memory Management| Development| 90| 3|
8| Operating System Documentation| Design, Documentation| 25| 3| 9| Routine Utilities| Development| 60| 4|
10| Complex Utilities| Development| 80| 4|
11| Utilities Documentation| Documentation, Design| 20| 4| 12| Hardware Documentation| Documentation,...
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