Project Management: An Initiative Toward Development of Employees and the Company

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Project Management Paper
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Project Management Paper
Rapid growth of technology in the marketplace has companies examining ways in which businesses operate on a normal level. Managers face challenges with the task of adapting to a changing surroundings and a different breed of employees. Managers must implement a different approach that will allow them to become accustomed to situations that develop inside and outside of the company (Kerzner, 2006). Project management will assist managers in moving forward to reduce bureaucracy and launch flexible actions or tasks that will advance the company and the employees. Project

In order for managers to accept project management, understanding a project is taken into consideration. A project is a variety of actions or goals that include: a particular goal with explicit requirements, a starting and ending time, financial requirements, employees, and necessary equipment (Kerzner, 2006). Projects vary depending upon the type of business. For example, Ford Motor Company project is a new automobile called Fiesta that saves gas, whereas Dell has launched a new 10 inch laptop computer. Both products are different but the companies must implement project management in order for the project to be successful. Project management involves planning and monitoring a company’s project. In order words, a project manager ultimate assignment is to identify the task and direct the project according to the plans set forth. Project planning occurs when a project manager defines work requirements, quantity and quality of work considered necessary, and inquire about resources needed to accomplish the task. Monitoring a project occurs when a project manager keeps an eye on progress, contrast results to forecast outcome of project, analyze, and make necessary adjustments needed to complete the project (Kerzner, 2006). Project manager’s objective is to achieve a successful project by...
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