Project Management

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Project Management (MGT6153) Directed Reading

Chapter 1

Chapter 6

Instructor: William A. Moylan, PMP
Students: Chang, Li-Li Yang, Shen-Shan Kuo, Hsien-Kai (ID: 88383) (ID: 88855) (ID: 88374)

Chapter 1 Project in Contemporary Organizations

Question 1. The twelve guidelines are presented in no particular order. Order them by level of importance and explain your reasoning. Answer The twelve guidelines should be order as below, the reason also is stated at the behind of each title. 1) Understand the context of project management. Much of the difficulty in becoming an effective project manager lies in understanding the particular challenges project management. 2) Understand who the stakeholders are and what they want. Project management is a balancing act. It requires managers to juggle the various and often conflicting demands of a numbers of powerful project stakeholders. 3) Understand what “success” means. In modern business, to evaluate the criteria for project success is include the four items – Budget, schedule, performance criteria, and as well as client use and satisfaction. 4) Build and maintain a cohesive team. Many projects are implemented through the use of cross-functional teams. Developing and maintaining cordial team relations and fostering a healthy internal group atmosphere often seems like a full-time job for most project managers. 5) Recognize project team conflict as progress. Once a project manager has analyzed the nature of the conflict among team members, a variety of conflict handling approaches may be warranted. 6) Accept and use the political nature of organizations. We exist in a politicized world, so project managers who wish to succeed must learn to use the political system to their advantage. 7) Lead from the front. Project manager is a “ leader intensive” undertaking. 1

8) Enthusiasm and despair are both infectious. One of the most important roles of the leader is that of motivator and encourager. 9) Remember what you are trying to do. Do not lose sight of the purpose behind the project. 10) Use time carefully or it will use you. Time is a precious commodity. Efficient time management- one of the keys to successful project development – starts with project managers. 11) Above all, plan, plan, and plan. The essence of efficient project management is to take the time to get it as right as possible the first time. It includes the schedule, the team composition, the project specifications, and the budget. 12) One look forward is worth two looks back.

Question 2.Where would you place yourself in Figure 2? Answer I will put myself, as “Sensible” The underlying attitude is politics is necessary. Intent – Further departmental goals. Techniques – Network: expand connections; use system to give and receive favors. Favorite Tactics – Negotiate, bargain.

Question 3. A few of the guidelines are related to the need to understand the reason for the project in the first place. Which guidelines would you place in this category? Why is this so crucial? Answer The guidelines about “Understand” such as understand the context of project

management, understand whom the stakeholders and what they want. Those of them is belong to the understand reason. Why is this so crucial? Much of the difficulty in becoming an effective project manager lies in understanding the particular challenges 2

then are able to do well the planning.

Question 4. Why, in lesson 9, is always thinking about “ what if” so important? Answer The spirit is that never become comfortable with the status of the project under development. It also means, “ One look forward is worth two looks back” which encourage people to creatively and innovation.

Questions 5. Lesson 12 warns about not planning enough, but also about spending too much time planning. How do you draw the line? Answer The essence of efficient project management is to take the time to get it as right as possible the first time. But too much...
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