Project Management

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I. Background of the Study

Leadership involves recognizing and articulating the need to significantly alter the direction and operation of the project, aligning people to the new direction, and motivating them to work together to overcome hurdles produced by the change and to realize new objectives. Indeed, leadership is all about coping with change. One of the things that makes good project managers valuable is that they have the ability to both manage and as well as lead a project. In doing so they recognize the need to manage the project interfaces and build a social network that allows them to find out what needs to be done. However, there are instances wherein first time project managers tend to be assertive of their own ideas and manage people the way they want to. In this case entitled “TOM BRAY”, Tom Bray himself had his very first major league project which is named “Pegasus” and eventually was assigned to the manager of the said project. Pegasus is a 2-month renovation project for AtlantiCorp, a major financial institution headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. Tom and his project team were responsible for the installation of furniture and equipment in the newly renovated accounts receivable department. In line with this project, since it is Tom’s very first experience in managing and leading a project, Tom is excited to practice his new management style which is MBWA (Management By Wandering Around). Conversely, it turned out that the management style chosen by Tom Bray was going to be tougher than he thought since people involve in his project team only elicited stiff responses as Tom was trying to initiate an inquiry or conversation with the project team.

II. Identify the Problem

The proponents of this case study generated several potential problems from the circumstances experienced by Tom Bray as a project manager:

* Appropriateness of the management style chosen by Tom Bray * Effect of Management By Wandering Around (MBWA) to Tom’s project team members III. Analysis of the Problem

Given the fact that it was Tom’s first time to handle a project, he wished to implement MBWA (Management By Wandering Around) as his means in order to assure the effective and efficient implementation of the installment project which is “Pegasus”. However, given his competency to be the project manager of such project, he was not able to establish a spontaneous relationship with his project team. Instead, of getting a precise, derailed and comprehensive response, the only response he gets is a stiff and general one. The table below presents the pro’s and con’s encountered by Tom as a project manager and the two-folded outcomes of his choice to implement the MWBA way of building social network among his project team members.

* Tom Bray’s technical competencies, good working habits and attending workshops provided by the AlantiCorp makes him qualified to handle the implementation of “Pegasus” project. * Tom was able to stay in touch with the team in performing the project through face-to-face interactions. * Tom, despite the fact that he is wandering in order to manage and lead the project team, regularly interact with other stakeholders such that of vendors, suppliers and the like. * There is a high probability that Tom will be able to respond to the needs and requests of the project team. * Tom was able to reinforce the objectives and vision of the project since he continually remind the project team to work hard in order to complete the installation project.| * Since it was Tom Bray’s first time to manage a major league project and to implement a new management style, Tom has established face-to-face interactions but was not able to have built strong social network. * The project team, though performing their tasks in the project, is quite not responsive and not open to the Project manager about potential problems they are encountering while doing the tasks. *...
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