Project Management

Topics: Project management, Work breakdown structure, Project manager Pages: 6 (1699 words) Published: March 17, 2011
Chapter 1:
1.Define a project. What are five characteristics that help differentiate projects from other functions carried out in the daily operations of the organization? A project is a complex, no routine, off-time effort limited by time, budget, resources, and performance specifications designed to meet customer needs •An established objective

A defined life span with a beginning and an end
Involvement of several departments
Doing something unique
Time, cost , and performance requirements
To serve customers needs

2.Compression of the product life cycle, Global competition, Knowledge explosion, corporate downsizing, increased customer focus, and small projects represent big problems are all environmental factors.

3.It is important to strategic planning and the project manager because with a project there is so much going on between so many different people so the manager has to be able to implement a plan and have people follow it. This is the only way a project can run smoothly and with the least amount of problems. If the manager is able to get the best success with good project implementation.

4.The technical side of the coin represents the science side of project management while the sociocultural side of the coin represents the art of managing a project. In order for a manger to be successful they must be a master of both sides of the coin. While some managers tend to focus on the technical side rather than the sociocultural side, they need to know that both sides are equally important.

5.An Integrative approach to project management means that decisions and ideas are made by many different people, and there has to be some integrative plan to make the project work. Emphasis is on development of an integrated project management process that focuses all project effort toward the strategic plan of the organization and reinforces mastery of both the project management tools/techniques and the interpersonal skills necessary to orchestrate successful project completion.

Chapter 4:
1.What are the six elements of a typical scope statement?
The six elements of a typical scope statement are:
a.Project objective
d.Technical Requirements
e.Limits and exclusions
f.Reviews with customers

2.What questions does a project objective answer? What would be an example of a good project objective? The questions a project objective answers are the what, when, and how much. A good example of this would be to develop a program that automatically translates English to Spanish, finished within 2 years, and not cost more than $15,000.00.

3.What kinds of information are included in a work package? Overall each work package:
a.Defines work
b.Identifies time to complete a work package
c.Identifies a time-phased budget to complete a work package d.Identifies resources needed to complete a work package
e.Identifies a single person responsible for units of work
f.Identifies monitoring points for measuring progress

4.When would it be appropriate to create a responsibility matrix rather than a full-blown WBS? It would be appropriate to use for small projects. Many times, the size and scope of the project do not warrant an elaborate WBS or OBS.

5.How does a communication plan benefit management projects? The benefit of a communication plan is that it expresses what, who, how, and when information will be transmitted to project stakeholders so schedules, issues, and action items can be tracked.

Chapter 5:
1.Why are accurate estimates critical to effective project management? Quality estimates are needed because in order to do the job of a project manager and to have a successful outcome, you have to know what you have to work with. Everything that is going to be put into a project, including time and money, needs to be estimated accurately so that the PM can follow the scope of the project and have a happy customer. In order for the...
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