Project Management

Topics: Project management, Management, Risk management Pages: 4 (891 words) Published: November 11, 2010
1. Crashing tasks on a project can reduce project duration. It is also one of the Project Balancing techniques we discussed. Identify the balancing techniques at each level that should be applied by BAE’s management to improve the probability of success of its BHS project. Justify the use of the technique in both in project management and business terms.

2.Describe the estimating techniques that should be used to schedule the “Building the Shed” project. Explain why you’ve chosen them.

When building the shed,

3. What should Strider have done to better manage project risks, by applying the methods and techniques described in our text?

4. Why is scheduling overtime a popular choice for getting projects back on schedule? What are five potential problems for relying on this option? Give an example of what would you do to deal with each of these problems?

5. Earned Value: Using the report on the following page, please answer the following questions for direct labor costs only. The amounts shown in the table for Level 2 (excluding the 100% overhead and the bottom line Total) are direct labor costs.

6. Project Progress and Plans: The project manager reports the following information: Planned value = $300,000. Earned value = $290,000. Actual cost = $320,000. Total Project budget is $750,000.

The executives on the project’s steering committee want answers to two questions, at a minimum, during briefings. a. Where are today?
b. Where will we end up?
Match the following measures with the appropriate question, using two columnar lists and put the value next to the measure.

Please cite your reference or source for a definition for a value’s formula if you are using one of several alternatives for the formula.

7. Modifying Project Schedules to Accommodate Time and Resource Constraints

It is the end of the second week of July. Kristin Anderson, the manager of a...
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