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1.18“Recharge Voucher” shall mean a pre-paid voucher used for the purchase of VAS Services;

1.19“Revenue Share Model” shall mean the table contained in Annexure I detailing the ratio by which revenue accruing from the Service shall be shared by the Parties;

1.20“Roaming Partner” shall mean any Network outside Nigeria on which an Airtel Customer accesses GSM cellular Services with his Airtel SIM;

1.21“Service Users” shall mean any Airtel On Net customer who receives, participates in, accesses or makes use of the VAS Services;

1.22“Service Launch Form” shall mean the form stipulated by Airtel for the WASP to complete and return indicating proposed launch date, peak capacity requirements, advertising schedules, projected service uptake and such other detail as Airtel may specify.

1.23“SMS” shall mean a Short Message Service message, a mobile data service that allows alphanumeric text of up to 160 characters between mobile phones and other equipment;

1.24“SMSC” shall mean Airtel’s SMS Centre as may be specified by Airtel from time to time;

1.25“USSD” shall mean Unstructured Supplementary Service Data a technology built into the GSM standard for support of transmitting information over the signalling channels of the GSM network;

1.26“Territory” shall mean the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

1.27“VAS Services” shall mean any value added content, information, game, message or similar service that is provided by WASP in the format of text, data, graphics, pictures, video or any other relevant format other than voice as may be made available by Airtel from time to time, and which in all cases shall either be accessed by, and/or requested from and/or delivered to GSM terminal equipment via one or more of the Bearers;

1.28“Airtel” shall mean Airtel Networks Limited;

1.29“Airtel Network” or “the network” shall mean the digital cellular mobile telecommunications system using the GSM standard, as owned and operated by Airtel pursuant to its License;

1.30“On-Net” shall refer to Customers registered on the Airtel Network as home Customers.

1.31“WASP” shall mean the Wireless Application Service Provider that is a party to this Agreement.


2.1This Agreement shall commence on the …day of …………. 20.... 11 (hereinafter referred to as “the Commencement Date”), and shall unless terminated by either of the parties giving the other one (1) month’s written notice of termination, without cause, shall subsist for a duration of three (3) years from the Commencement Date. Provided that and notwithstanding any contrary provision in this Agreement contained, no such notice of termination may be given by WASP before the expiration of eleven (11) months calculated from the Commencement Date.

2.2Notwithstanding the expiry of the term of this Agreement pursuant to clause 2.1 above, Airtel may in its discretion renew the term of this Agreement for further successive terms of 1 (one) year each on such renewed terms and conditions as the Parties shall from time to time agree upon.

2.3 terms and conditions as the Parties shall from time to time agree upon.


3.1Subject to the further provisions of this Agreement, Airtel shall provide WASP with Access, as soon as possible after the Commencement Date and provided WASP meets and continues at all times to comply with the Access Specifications.

3.2Upon the provision of Access pursuant to Clause 3.1, WASP shall be entitled, from time to time and in accordance with clause 5 below, to apply to Airtel for approval of:

3.2.1its VAS Services; and

3.2.2the Bearers by which its VAS Services shall be made available to the Service Users.

3.3The rights and responsibilities of each party in respect of the Access, the VAS Services and the use of the Bearers, as approved by Airtel pursuant to this Agreement, shall be governed at all times by the terms and conditions herein contained.

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