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  • Published: January 22, 2014
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1.18“Recharge Voucher” shall mean a pre-paid voucher used for the purchase of VAS Services;

1.19“Revenue Share Model” shall mean the table contained in Annexure I detailing the ratio by which revenue accruing from the Service shall be shared by the Parties;

1.20“Roaming Partner” shall mean any Network outside Nigeria on which an Airtel Customer accesses GSM cellular Services with his Airtel SIM;

1.21“Service Users” shall mean any Airtel On Net customer who receives, participates in, accesses or makes use of the VAS Services;

1.22“Service Launch Form” shall mean the form stipulated by Airtel for the WASP to complete and return indicating proposed launch date, peak capacity requirements, advertising schedules, projected service uptake and such other detail as Airtel may specify.

1.23“SMS” shall mean a Short Message Service message, a mobile data service that allows alphanumeric text of up to 160 characters between mobile phones and other equipment;

1.24“SMSC” shall mean Airtel’s SMS Centre as may be specified by Airtel from time to time;

1.25“USSD” shall mean Unstructured Supplementary Service Data a technology built into the GSM standard for support of transmitting information over the signalling channels of the GSM network;

1.26“Territory” shall mean the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

1.27“VAS Services” shall mean any value added content, information, game, message or similar service that is provided by WASP in the format of text, data, graphics, pictures, video or any other relevant format other than voice as may be made available by Airtel from time to time, and which in all cases shall either be accessed by, and/or requested from and/or delivered to GSM terminal equipment via one or more of the Bearers;

1.28“Airtel” shall mean Airtel Networks Limited;

1.29“Airtel Network” or “the network” shall mean the digital cellular mobile telecommunications system using the GSM standard, as owned and operated by Airtel pursuant...
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