Project Management

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Project scheduling is important as it gives clear timeline and path to all participants. Project scheduling involves breaking down the tasks required to complete the project into individual activities, which is called Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). Every project manager has to create a work breakdown structure in order to sorting out and planning the project proposal.

A work breakdown structure is a results-oriented family tree that captures all the work of a project in an organized way.

A WBS helps to define all the components of the work to be delivered, facilitates the effective allocation of and communications among resources, and enables the estimation and tracking of costs for a project. (Indellcato 2009, p. 136).

A work breakdown structure is used in the beginning of a project in order to define the relationship of the final deliverable to its sub-deliverables. Besides, it can also be used to define the project scope and estimate costs of the projects so that the organization can present the project to its customer clearly and finish the project within the budget. These are the reasons why work breakdown structure is important to be set up at the beginning of a project.

‘A good WBS makes it easy for everyone on the project to understand his or her role, and it makes managing the project much easier, too.’ (Verzuh 1999, p. 105) In work breakdown structure, the project will be broken into several levels. In the lowest levels, which are called work packages, can be assigned to appropriate skill groups or departments. Therefore, it is easy for each group to know their works and the project can be completed more easily. Moreover, the project becomes easier to revise and update plan due to it is diversified into different levels and work packages.

As the project will be broken into different work packages and assigned to several groups and departments in work breakdown structure, each work package should follow the schedule and finish within...
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