Project Management

Topics: Project management, Project manager, Management Pages: 213 (67205 words) Published: March 27, 2013
Effective Communications for Project Management

Agent-Based Manufacturing and Control Systems: New Agile Manufacturing Solutions for Achieving Peak Performance Massimo Paolucci and Roberto Sacile ISBN: 1574443364 Curing the Patch Management Headache Felicia M. Nicastro ISBN: 0849328543 Cyber Crime Investigator's Field Guide, Second Edition Bruce Middleton ISBN: 0849327687 Disassembly Modeling for Assembly, Maintenance, Reuse and Recycling A. J. D. Lambert and Surendra M. Gupta ISBN: 1574443348 The Ethical Hack: A Framework for Business Value Penetration Testing James S. Tiller ISBN: 084931609X Fundamentals of DSL Technology Philip Golden, Herve Dedieu, and Krista Jacobsen ISBN: 0849319137 The HIPAA Program Reference Handbook Ross Leo ISBN: 0849322111 Implementing the IT Balanced Scorecard: Aligning IT with Corporate Strategy Jessica Keyes ISBN: 0849326214 Information Security Fundamentals Thomas R. Peltier, Justin Peltier, and John A. Blackley ISBN: 0849319579 Information Security Management Handbook, Fifth Edition, Volume 2 Harold F. Tipton and Micki Krause ISBN: 0849332109 Introduction to Management of Reverse Logistics and Closed Loop Supply Chain Processes Donald F. Blumberg ISBN: 1574443607 Maximizing ROI on Software Development Vijay Sikka ISBN: 0849323126 Mobile Computing Handbook Imad Mahgoub and Mohammad Ilyas ISBN: 0849319714 MPLS for Metropolitan Area Networks Nam-Kee Tan ISBN: 084932212X Multimedia Security Handbook Borko Furht and Darko Kirovski ISBN: 0849327733 Network Design: Management and Technical Perspectives, Second Edition Teresa C. Piliouras ISBN: 0849316081 Network Security Technologies, Second Edition Kwok T. Fung ISBN: 0849330270 Outsourcing Software Development Offshore: Making It Work Tandy Gold ISBN: 0849319439 Quality Management Systems: A Handbook for Product Development Organizations Vivek Nanda ISBN: 1574443526 A Practical Guide to Security Assessments Sudhanshu Kairab ISBN: 0849317061 The Real-Time Enterprise Dimitris N. Chorafas ISBN: 0849327776 Software Testing and Continuous Quality Improvement, Second Edition William E. Lewis ISBN: 0849325242 Supply Chain Architecture: A Blueprint for Networking the Flow of Material, Information, and Cash William T. Walker ISBN: 1574443577 The Windows Serial Port Programming Handbook Ying Bai ISBN: 0849322138

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Effective Communications for Project Management

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