Project Management

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  • Published : March 24, 2013
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|10 Tips for Writing a Great Annual Report | |By Kivi Leroux Miller | |Even though nonprofit organizations aren’t required to produce annual reports like publicly traded companies are, most nonprofit | |managers recognize the value of producing one. Annual reports can help you demonstrate your accomplishments to current and future | |donors, cultivate new partnerships, and recognize important people. | |But since annual reports aren’t legally required, nonprofits often struggle with what should be included in an annual report and | |what should be left out. The following ten tips will help you craft an outstanding nonprofit annual report. | |Focus on accomplishments, not activities. | |We want to know what you did, but more importantly, we want to know why you did it. What were the results? Why did you spend your | |time and money the way you did? What difference did it make? Connect the everyday activities of your organization to your mission | |statement. Don’t assume that readers will automatically understand how your activities help you achieve your mission. Connect the | |dots for them. | |Jettison the administrative minutiae. | |Getting a high-speed connection in the office and new accounting software may be big accomplishments from where you sit at your | |desk, but they have nothing to do with your mission. Inspire donors with accomplishments related to your mission in your annual |...
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