Project Management

Topics: Project management, Work breakdown structure, Project planning Pages: 9 (2439 words) Published: March 20, 2013
a) What are some of the items contained in the Project Charter? b) What phase is the Project Scope produced? What are some of the items contained in this document? c) What phase is the WBS produced?

a)The project charter is the planning team’s concise statement of core goals, values, and intent in order to provide the ultimate policy direction for everything that comes next. Items contained in project charter are;

1.Project title should be concise and create a vision for the end result of the project. 2.Purpose summarizes the need and justification for the project. 3.Description provides a high-level description of the project. 4.Objective is a statement of what is expected to be accomplished. 5.Success criteria or expected benefits indicate the outcomes or expected quantitative benefits that will result from implementation of the project. 6.Funding indicates the total amount of funds the sponsor authorizes for the project. 7.Major Deliverables are the major end products or items that are expected to be produced during and at the completion of the performance of the project. 8.Acceptance criteria describe the quantitative criteria for each major deliverable that the sponsor will use to verify that each deliverable meets certain performance specifications. 9.Milestone schedule is a list of target dates or times for the achievement of key events in the project timetable. 10.Key assumptions include those that the project rationale or justification is based on 11.Constraints could include such things as a requirement to complete the project without disrupting the current workflow. 12. Major risks identify any risk that the sponsor thinks has a high likelihood of occurrence or a high degree of potential impact. 13.Approval requirements define the limits of authority of the project manager. 14.Reporting requirements state the frequency and content of project status reports and reviews. 15.Sponsor designee is the person who the sponsor designates to act on behalf of the project sponsor. 16.Approval signature and date indicate that the sponsor has officially or formally authorized the project. Depending on the funding amount of the project, level of risk, or organizational reporting structure. The project scope defines what needs to be done. It is all the work that must be done to produce all the project deliverables, satisfy the sponsor or customer that all the work and deliverables meet the requirements or acceptance criteria, and accomplish the project objective. The project charter or request for proposal establishes the framework for further elaboration of the project scope.

The project team or contractor prepares a project scope document that includes many of the items contained in the project charter, RFP, or contractor’s proposal, but in much greater detail. The document is valuable for establishing a common understanding among project stakeholders regarding the scope of the project.

The project scope document usually contains the following sections:

1.Customer requirements define the functional or performance specifications for the project’s end product and other project deliverables. 2.Statement of Work (SOW) defines the major tasks or work elements that will need to be performed to accomplish the work that needs to be done and produce all the project deliverables. 3.Deliverables are the products or outputs that the project team or contractor will produce and provide to the customer during and at the completion of the performance of the project. Although major or key deliverables may be stated in the project charter or request for proposal, they need to be expanded on in greater detail in the project scope document. 4.Acceptance criteria for all project deliverables must be described in greater detail than what is stated in the project charter or request for proposal. For each deliverable, the quantitative measures or references to specifications, standards, or codes that will...
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