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TASK - 01
1.1 ) According to the given scenario explain the importance of project management principals. As a member of “DMS SOLUTIONS &PM Consultancy” I can say about project management principals its very important keep the quality of project management. For this scenario its apply in many ways. 1. Projects are temporary.

You can’t consider a project to be that thing that you’re going to do every day for the rest of your career. Instead, it’s something that creates a particular product or service, and it has a clear end point. You might compare it to the creation of a syllabus or teaching a course. It has a finite beginning and end. This means for Apolo“Ultima” system going to finish within 60 days. 2. Decide whether or not the project should happen.

Not every project should be begun started. When you are beginning work on something, you want to determine if it’s a good use of your resources, what problem the project is trying to solve, and whether or not the project is the best way to fix it. I think that this is particularly hard in universities because we tend to originate our own projects rather than having them brought to us (more on this below). It can be very difficult to admit that what you’ve been wanting to do isn’t worth the time, money, and/or effort. But we have to be willing to call a spade a spade. “Ultima” is a solution for the Apolo and “DMS SOLUTIONS &PM Consultancy” need to give correct answer by using their experience and various resources. 3. Consider risks.

If you’re going to tackle the project after all, you should analyze your potential risks. What events might derail the project? What are the likelihood of them happening? Working together to brainstorm what these things will help you plan for the events that seem most likely or severe. For example, your entire digital humanities project could be derailed by a server failure. For this reason, you should probably be obsessive about backup. 4. Cost, time, and quality are co-dependent.

In other words, once a project has been started, you can’t change its timeline without directly affecting its cost or quality. You can’t expect to get something done faster without either paying more or sacrificing some quality. This is why getting a plumber to your house at 10pm costs more than waiting for the next day. The same thing applies to any project you undertake with a team. 5. Know what’s out of bounds.

Determining what your project will not do is just as important as determining what it will since that can help prevent mission creep in the future. 6. Develop a project plan with clear activities.

At the beginning of a project, the size or scope of the task might seem overwhelming. (Ask anyone who’s ever tried writing a book!) However, breaking things into small and manageable chunks can help you eat that proverbial elephant. When working on a team, you should have these chunks start with a verb so your team members clearly know what you’re asking them to do. 7. When making assignments, consider people’s interest as much as their skills and experience. Just because someone has a ton of experience designing websites doesn’t mean that it’s the only thing that he wants to do. Letting people choose how they want to be involved in the project allows them to develop personally as well as helping the project. 8. Let the person taking an assignment set the due date.

It can be hard to manage a project and not come off as an ogre at times. But one way to shed the Shrek this is to let those who are getting the assignments decide when they can complete them. Their estimates won’t always be 100% accurate, but they will not have the excuse of it being a deadline that is imposed on them. Moreover, getting a team member’s input helps them feel more connected to the project. In this scenario due date is within two months. 9. There are lots of project management tools; just use what works for you. If post-its and emails work for your team, then go...
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