Project Management

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How does project management apply to the organisation of my event?


When we finished event design, next step is scheduling the event using the event project management method. Project management has existed nearly 100 years. In modern society; project management has been used more and more widely by firms. In the event industry, managers prefer to use project management help themselves to manage their event. Hence, this report will describe how does project management apply to my event, and I will discuss and analyse the reason why so many firms using project management and distinguish the traditional project management and modern project management.

Introduce project management and Risk management

In modern society, most firms faced a phenomenon: how to complete complex growing project and finish their product or service life cycles. These challenges appeared due to the awareness of the time-based competition and a quality mandate for continuous improvement. Not only firms need planning a big project, in daily life, people also may need to plan a wedding schedule or preparing for study. A project is identified as a temporary process to undertake to create a unique product, service or result (PMI 2008). Project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tolls, and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements. Generally, project is a long time job taking several months or years. Hence, as Heizer and Render mentioned (2008), it can be divided three phases: planning, scheduling and controlling. Planning process is setting a goal, defining the project, and team organization. Mostly, the big firms will create a temporary organization before planning. For assisting teams to work best, work should be defined more specific and a clearly deadline. Do a breakdown structure of a product at first, then imagine as a guest of the event, derive the product as more as specific into tasks. The second stage of project management is project scheduling that involves sequencing and allotting time to all project activities. During this stage, manager needs to decide how long each activity will take and compute how many people and materials will be needed at each stage of production. There are three popular techniques to allow managers to plan and schedule is Gantt charts, PERT and CPM (Heizer and Render 2008). My project used Gantt Chart to schedule programme. Gantt Chart is a project schedule, usually created by the project manager using computer software, the superimposes project activities, with their precedence relationships and estimated duration times on a time line. No matter which means managers used, these methods all easy to understand and clearly show the relationship of each activities to others and the whole project, even including the potential delays and also can allocate resources like people, money and materials. The last stage is project controlling. The control of large projects involves close monitoring of resources, costs, quality and budgets. At the control stage, purposes of it are using a feedback loop to revise the project plan and shift resources to where they are needed most. PERT and CPM and Gantt Chart still be used widely at this stage.

Risk management combine with project management

As a body of knowledge, project management distilled from the experience of countless projects around the world (O'Toole and Mikolaitis, 2002). It divides corporate event management into severial areas of responsibility, like scope, content, time, homan resources, cost, procurement, risk, communication (O'Toole and Mikolaitis, 2002). For industry profeesionals, health, safety and risk management is a key part of event planning, they all need be factored in the very start of the process and should be considered during every part of the planning process. (Bladen, 2012) Risk management process should be an on-going activity, the reason is risk management run through the entire...
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