Project Management

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Project Scope Overview

The overall purpose for this project is to launch our new room-sized plastic storage unit that offers more feature than our competitors’ product into the marketplace (AIU, 2013). For this project we will be concerned about how to manage the sales and what type of marketing activities that will help with launching our new product successfully into the marketplace.

Project Deliverables

With effective sales and marketing plans to help with having a successful launch of the new product, establishing our brand name and positioning in the marketplace our sales and marketing team will help support the upcoming launch. By using the sales and marketing team to help with the launch of the new product this will help Winsome Manufacturing Company to help with capturing whatever the maximum market share will be.

The sales and marketing team key deliverables for this project will include creating a comprehensive marketing and sales plan. Included in this will be an internal and external environmental analysis which will outline all of the key strengths and weaknesses about the company and the products that they make, while outlining the different opportunities that can be explored. With the information from the environmental analysis will help with providing an overview of the competitive scenario that are prevailing currently in the industry, as well with providing details of different key competitors and their respective market shares.

There also will be an integrated marketing communcation plan from the sales and marketing team to help with launching the new product in the marketplace. In this plan it will include what the promotion and advertising strategies will be to help with pushing the product into the marketplace. The plan will include what various media will be used to help with advertising and promoting the launch of the new product.

We also will be presented with an overview that will explain what are the expected...
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