Project Management

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2. What are product-oriented processes? Give one example.

Product-oriented processes are those, which focus on the tangible results of the project. They require specific domain knowledge, tools, and techniques in order to complete the work. An example would be the creation of a software application package.

4. Describe the initiating processes. Give one example of an initiating process to support a particular phase of oil exploration project methodology.

The initiating process signals the beginning of the project or phase. It requires an organization to make a commitment in terms of time and resources. Although all phases of the project should have some type of initiating process. The time and effort needed to develop the business case does not come without a cost. One can measure this cost directly in terms of the labor cost and time spent, and indirectly by the time and effort that could have been devoted to some other endeavor.

6. Describe the executing process. Give one example of an executing process to support a particular phase of the IT project methodology.

Executing processes are part of every project phase. The majority of the executing processes will occur during the “execute and control” phase of the IT project methodology. Executing processes often include product-oriented processes that actually create the product of the project by executing or carrying out the activities of the project plan. An example would be using the tools and methods for developing and/or implementing a system, which are critical for achieving the project’s end result.

8. Describe the closing process. Give one example of a closing process to support a particular phase of the IT project methodology.

The closing process group focuses on bringing a project or project phase to a systematic and orderly completion. Examples of the closing process include: * Verifying that all deliverables have been satisfactorily completed * Integrating the final product—the information system—into the day-to-day operations of the organization. * Contract closure--ensuring that all of the deliverables and agreed upon terms of the project have been completed and delivered so that the project can end. * Administrative closure--documenting and archiving all project documents and evaluating the project in terms of whether it achieved its MOV. Although each phase must include closing processes, the major emphasis will occur during the close project phase of the IT project methodology.

10. Describe project plan development and its importance to the second phase of the IT project methodology. The purpose of project plan development is to create a useable, flexible, consistent, and logical document that will guide the work or activities of the project. In addition, the project plan provides a control mechanism for coordinating changes across the entire project. Various constraints and assumptions must be taken into consideration and documented when developing the project plan. Various software tools, such as Microsoft Project, can be useful for developing the project plan. The project plan should consider who will be needed, when they will be needed, and how they will be needed to help create the product of the project.

12. Why should a project be divided into phases?

Breaking a project down into phases and sub-phases reduces complexity and risk. In many cases it is easier to focus on the pieces instead of the whole.

14. What is meant by the formal organization?
In a formal organization, groupings and activities are documented in an organizational chart to clarify and portray the lines of authority, communication, reporting relationships, and responsibilities of individuals and groups within the organization. 16. Describe the functional organizational structure.

This structure is based upon organizing resources to perform specialized tasks or activities in order to...
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