Project Management

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Introduction to Project Management

Week 7: Assignment

Hand-in Assignment

A small area outside a residential building needs to be landscaped. This landscaping would include removing debris and weeds, leveling the ground, creating a walkway from the front door to the road, and creating a small paved parking area on one side of the walkway. Additionally, a garden with perennial flowers is to be developed on either side of the walkway. Finally, at least two new trees are to be planted and a bench needs to be set up near one of the trees. For the purpose of this exercise, this project starts on August 31.

The various activities involved in the landscaping project, their duration, and the resources required to complete these activities are as follows:

|S. No. |Task Name |Duration |Resource Name | |1 |Design backyard |1 day |John | |2 |Set timing |2 days |Mary | |3 |Get quotes for purchases |4 days |John | |4 |Get quotes for contractors |3 days |Susan | |5 |Rent dustcart |1 day |Susan | |6 |Clear space |1 day |John | |7 |Remove full dustcart |1 day |John | |8 |Hire contractor to level backyard |1 day |Susan | |9 |Hire contractor to pave parking area |1 day |John | |10 |Level yard |3 days |Contractor 2 | |11 |Buy patio stones |1 day |Susan | |12 |Purchase two trees |1 day |Mary | |13 |Purchase bench |1 day |Mary | |14 |Dig holes for trees |2 days |Mary | |15 |Plant trees |3 days |Susan | |16 |Lay walkway stones |1 day |John | |17 |Lay asphalt |4 days |Contractor 1 | |18 |Set up bench |1 day |Mary | |19 |Make payments |1 day |Susan | |20 |Hold opening event |1 day |Susan |

Without completing the design of the backyard, no other task can begin. Tasks 2, 3, and 4 begin when the design is completed. Contractors cannot be hired or equipment cannot be rented without getting quotes for the same. Tasks 5, 6, and 7 occur one after the other. Task 10 can happen after task 8. Similarly, task 17 can be performed after task 9. All purchases can be done as soon as the quotes for the same have been obtained. Trees cannot be planted before the...
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