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I am work in clothing company, main consumer target is the around 17 – 30 years old women, company aim is “keep the price low, keep in good quality!” Company will do the design and production by own. The company will have a new design at each season, before the next season start, company will start to plan new design of clothes one season ago, and this time will design next year 2013 spring collection. For spring, the color decide to use a soft color such as baby pink, baby blue, baby purple and mint green. Material uses cotton and chiffon.

Therefore, this project would use functional organization structure; my project team member included Design, Manufacturing, Account, Marketing, Sales department.

2. Project scope

← Project objective

The project called “2013 Spring Collection”; should be a fresh and soft image, after cold winter flower bloom. Female every season must buy new clothes to the wardrobe, therefore female shopping patterns need to consider of the price and the trend to fulfill their vanity. And main objective of company, hope every female can dress up beautiful, to happy live their life.

The project starts at November to middle of February and sell to market around the beginning of March approximately 4 months, around March temperature will be getting warm. Under the psychological impact, female will have shopping sentiment. And the project having 3 parts, the first part plan to sell at beginning of March, second part start at April and the final part start at May to satisfy customer’s needs at different timely.

The budget will be $5000000, the greater part will use on manufactory and marketing. It needs to control the quality, and do the promotion to attract customer to buy the products.

← Deliverables

In the project, company will create new design of the clothes to the customer. In addition, company hope to satisfy customer needs, provide best service and production to they. Customer can give advice to the product or salesman service, company will follow the advice to the improve company performance.

If designer need new program or upgrade program, company willing to pay money to fulfill their needs, because it can product a good production to the customer. At the end of spring, each department requires to do the report to review the result. Analysis the success and problem part, learning forms the past.

According to the project, find the stable supplier for long term partner. Beside, to stabilize the company’s product quality and it can easy control the cost.

← Milestones

“2013 Spring Collection” needs time to design the clothes, the project start from November to middle of December, designer use this period for design the sample or find the information of next trend and the end of December for the adjustment of the design.

Otherwise, Manufacturing Department and designer need to find the clothes material around December. Moreover, all products must finish at middle of February for final checking and adjustment. For Account Department is following up the cost til to the sell. And Marketing Department to prepare the market information to Sales Department for prepares promotion and event.

← Technical requirements

Over the project, the product need designer of trend tentacles, understand of fashion and customer needs. Also, it have an after sell service to the customer. If the clothes have any problem, customer can back to the company to exchange new one between 7 days or change the length of the pants.

← Limits and exclusions

The limitations are budget and time. For time, market has many similar design, so that company cannot delay the on sale date be and find out company style, have clearer impression to the customer.

For money, if the time not enough it must employ more worker to work on the project....
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