Project Management

Topics: Project management, Management, Gantt chart Pages: 3 (599 words) Published: December 18, 2012

Project Management for Business (BMGMT 3203)

Department :School of Business
Course Name:Bachelor of Business Management
Unit Controller / Examiner:Chee Wei Ming

Individual Assignment 1

This assignment carries 20% of the total mark for Project Management for Business. It must be submitted to the course lecturer Mr. Chee Wei Ming by the 12th of December 2012. The assignment must have a cover sheet giving your name and student number, and a signed statement to the effect that you have neither copied any part of the assignment from anywhere nor allow anyone to use prior to submission. [pic]

First Scenario and Associated Tasks Breakdown Exercise

When you first come to study at City University at the beginning of the 2012 first semester you have to accomplish several tasks in order to complete your registration as a legitimate student. After registration you then have to identify the course that you want to take, and ascertain the location of your classes. Some of you may have different experience ranging from minor difficulties to a sense of utter chaos. If you were just starting the year; break down the registration, courses selection and classroom identification tasks from start to finish so that you could complete your status as a legitimate enrolled student and settle down in going to lectures more efficiently. Briefly describe these tasks.

Second Scenario and Associated Tasks

After completing your registration, you are now settled to begin your course work. Your main intention is to pass in examinations in the year 2012. Identify and breakdown the tasks (describing them briefly) that you would have to do so that you are able to pass your examinations in 2012.

After breakdown the tasks, you now have to construct the following charts by putting the tasks in their proper order: • GANTT chart;
• PERT chart: for the GANTT and PERT charts include the time that you intend to allocate for...
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