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Project Management

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Key Terms
analogy approach – creating a WBS by using a similar project’s WBS as a starting point. bottom up approach – creating a WBS by having team members identify as many specific tasks related to the project as possible and then grouping them into higher level categories. decomposition – subdividing project deliverables into smaller pieces. deliverable – a product, such as a report or segment of software code, produced as part of a project. Joint Application Design (JAD) – using highly organized and intensive workshops to bring together project stakeholders – the sponsor, users, business analysts, programmers, and so on – to jointly define and design information systems. project scope management – a document that includes, at a minimum, a description of the project, including its overall objectives and justification, detailed descriptions of all project deliverables, and the characteristics and requirements of products and services produced as part of the project. prototyping – developing a working replica of the system or some aspect of the system to help define user requirements. requirement – a condition, or capability that must be met or possessed by a system, product, service, result or component to satisfy a contract standard, specification, or other formal document. requirements management plan – a plan that describes how project requirements will be analyzed, documented, and managed. requirements traceability matrix (RTM) – a table that lists requirements, various attributes of each requirement, and the status of the requirements to ensure that all requirements are addressed. scope – all the work involved in creating the products of the project and the processes used to create them. scope baseline – the approved project scope statement and its associated WBS and WBS dictionary. scope creep – the tendency for project scope to keep getting bigger. top-down approach – creating a WBS by starting with the largest items of the project and breaking them...

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