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Topics: Project management, Project, Project planning Pages: 2 (454 words) Published: February 16, 2013
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Business / Work Based Structure Eastland Mall ProjectWork Based Structure Eastland Mall ProjectAutor:  Woxman  28 August 2012Tags: Words: 425   |   Pages: 2Views: 129Read Full Essay Join Now!Question 2Prepare a plan for the remainder of the project in response to Adams’ memo (page8)Eastland Mall Third National Bank Branch ProjectTable of contentSteering committeeProject TeamWork Based StructureList of DeliverablesList of ReceivablesProject BudgetProject ScheduleThe Eastland Mall Branch Project Steering CommitteeChief Executive Officer- Mr Buzz AdamsSenior Vice-President of Systems and Software Planning- Jack O’boyleVice-President of MarketingVice-President of PlanningVice-President of Branch BankingVise-President of AccountingVise-President of PersonnelAssistant Legal CounselAssistant Vise-President of AuditThe Eastland Mall Branch Project TeamProject Manager- Vince StewartSenior Programmer- Jim AlbertAssistant Manager West 54th Branch- Fred ClowerAssistant VP Branch Management-Dale WintersMarketing Analyst-Donald KocurkoBuilding Department-Albert PiefCustomer Services Department and Head Teller- Roberta JonesWork Base Structure Eastland Mall Branch ProjectTask 1; Complete conversion of shop space into banking BranchIndividual Responsible; Albert Pief- Building departmentReceivables; Building material, safe doors, tables, chairs and branch branding, Teller screens.Deliverables; Branded Third National Banking BranchCompletion Date: 2 August 1978Budget; $120 000Task 2: Develop software program that allows teller screen to display and verify account balances on Saturday.Individual Responsible: Jim Albert-Senior ProgrammerReceivable: Programming codes, accounts data form headquartersDeliverable: Software Program that allows tellers to view account balances on Saturdays.Completion Date: 15 August 1978Budget: $35 000Task 3:...
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