Project Life Cycle

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Executive Summary

ABC Technologies is a fast growing computer hardware and network re-seller in Sri Lanka. Due to the expansion in business in recent years ABC has decided to implement Sage Accpac ERP system within the organization. ERP system consultants for the project will be XYZ Solutions.

This report is produced for the purpose of critically analysing the project life cycle of the ERP implementation at ABC Technologies. To begin with the ERP implementation at ABC could be called as a project when analysed against different definitions in theory. Due to the characteristics such as availability of a time, cost and resource plans. On the other hand the project is following a specific life cycle which could be defined with major milestones and phases.

Project starts with the Initiation phase with the intention of coming up with a “Project Proposal”. Once the proposal is agreed by and between ABC and XYZ, the project is given the right to move on to the Planning phase. With the finalization of the relevant milestones for the planning phase, project progress to the Initiation phase and followed by the final phase of the project, namely the Completion phase. Project will come to an end with the signing of the “Project Completion Form”.

Finally in conclusion, it could be recommended that, it is very important to manage each phase of the project with maximum involvement by project leaders from both parties, to achieve the final objective of the project. These project objectives should be clear and concise and should be defined at the initial stages of the project. Further managing the project with a clear idea of the project life cycle will enable the project to move smoothly throughout the project life.

Finally it could be recommended to adopt a similar project life cycle to manage similar projects in the future as well.

Table of Contents

Executive Summaryi
2.Project Background2
2.1Project Goals2

2.2Project Scope2

2.3Project Deliverables2

3.Project Life Cycle3
3.1Project Initiation Phase5

3.2Project Planning Phase7

3.3Project Execution Phase9

3.4Project Completion Phase11


List of References14

List of Appendices15
Appendix 01: Initiation Phase Activities15

Appendix 02: Planning Phase Activities16

Appendix 03: Execution Phase Activities17

Appendix 04: Completion Phase Activities18

List of Figures

Figure 1: Project Life Cycle for the ERP System Implementation4

Figure 2: Typical Cost and Staffing Levels across the Project Life Cycle9

List of Tables

Table 1: Major Milestones of the ERP Implementation Project4


The word “Project” is commonly heard in the modern world, even though projects were under taken and implemented throughout the advancement of human raise by different aspects. It was told by Patel and Morris that, "The life cycle is the only thing that uniquely distinguishes projects from non-projects" (Patel & Morris, 1999, p. 52).

This report is prepared as per the requirement given in the Assignment 01 of Project Management Framework course under the Masters degree of University of Southern Queensland. The purpose of the report is to describe and illustrate the different stages of an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system implementation project and to critically analyse each stage of the project life cycle, applying relevant theories.

ABC Technologies, the sponsors of the project, has taken a decision to implement Sage Accpac ERP System to automate their business transactions and to automate their financial reporting system. This report is focussed on analysing each stage of the life cycle of the ERP system implementation project.

Firstly the report will provide a snap shot of the project back ground, followed by the analysis of each phase of the Project Life Cycle. Finally the conclusions and the relevant...
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