Project Implementation, Control, and Termination Paper and Presentation

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Project Implementation, Control, and Termination Paper and Presentation MGT/437
Monday, July 2, 2012
Curt Haydt

Project Implementation, Control, and Termination Paper and Presentation Project management is the “application of knowledge, skills and techniques to execute projects effectively and efficiently” (What is project management?). Using project management allows management to assign tasks to employees whereas they focus on the everyday operations. This paper will propose a parking garage by showing that there is a need for it, by identifying stakeholders, determining goals, creating a time line and budget, and developing a plan or a statement of work that will outline the steps of this project. Team B will also identify the performance criteria, listing the desired outputs from the project and show how good communication will help maintain effective teamwork during a project.. Background and Statement of Need

An outdoor shopping outlet has just opened in Atlantic City, one block away from the casino strip. It is central to the main highway and in the central part of the city. The casinos have parking garages but there is no available customer parking at the shopping outlet. Customers have to park in a casino garage and travel with their purchases back and forth. There is no place to park in between. The area also houses many restaurants that do not offer parking. It is a high traffic area but as the outlets expand, there is still no relief to the parking issue. Building a parking garage in the immediate area will increase the amount of shoppers because it will provide a place for shoppers store their vehicles. Also, as it is the only shopping outlet in the city, not including the high end stores in the casinos, building a parking garage would help increase revenue for the stores in the shopping outlet. More people will visit, especially during sale periods because they know that they will not have to carry endless shopping bags to the casino garage three blocks away. Customers are more likely to stow their bags in their vehicle and continue shopping. Opening a garage in that area will also provide outlet and restaurant employees a place to park their vehicles as well. Project Stakeholders

The main stakeholders are the city itself and the customers. The city owns the property that will support the garage and is basing the need for it on the customer. As the project gets underway, the city will keep the customers informed regarding the progress of the project. Additional stakeholders will be anyone who has provided funding for the garage project and any sponsors including some of the outlet store owners. The government will also be a stakeholder because it will be providing permits needed to break ground and install necessities like electricity and fire prevention methods. Careful research of the land will be done to ensure ownership and identify and boundary issues. Once the research has concluded, a professional architect will be on hand to create illustrations, which provide a visual of the garage, identifying the goal of the project phase by phase. As each phase the hiring of qualified staff is initiated. Another stakeholder will be the unions that protect the laborers, making sure that people are paid according to his or her skill. Those involved in the supply chain are also considered stakeholders. Last, inspectors of the project are also considered as stakeholders because it is their approval that will determine if the project can proceed. Project Goals in Terms of Triple Constraint

Triple constraint describes the interdependency between three cornerstones of a project: scope, schedule, and budget. The goal of this project is to complete the parking garage within the assigned time frame and within the project’s budget. If the scope of the project is extended because of increased material costs or more manpower, the budget and the timeline will increased as well. Limitations...
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