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  • Published : March 23, 2013
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I. Select an Appropriate Topic

A. Relevant and Appropriate: Check the following websites for ideas: 1.

B. Be Specific: Narrow general topics down!

C. Researchable: Search for “hits”

II. Title page

A. Title of Project

B. Date

C. Student’s Name

D. Course Number

E. Abstract (1-paragraph summary)

III. Text or Body

A. Five (5) Full Pages, typed (double-spaced, 12 point Times New Roman Font)

B. APA Text Note Documentation Required! (Get help on my website!)

C. Review the Film: Informatively describe the disorder/issue “raised” in the film.

D. Apply appropriate Psychological

1. Theories (Psychodynamic, Behavioral, etc.) 2. Studies (case/experimental/correlational, etc.)

IV. Bibliography

A. MINIMUM 5References

1. May use an encyclopedia
a. Use only a specialized encyclopedia (i.e. psychiatry, psychology, etc.) b. Avoid general ones (i.e. Wikipedia, World Book, Britannica, etc.)

2. May use a textbook
a. Abnormal Psychology
b. Psychiatric Nursing

3.USE at least two or three of the following:
a. Magazine, journal and/or newspaper articles b. Interviews
c. Valid Internet sources, i.e.

B. List Sources in Alphabetical Order, by author’s last name (APA Style)

C. Include Complete Bibliographic Information

* Late projects will be subject to a 10 point per day penalty!

* Late projects must be HAND DELIVERED to Mr. Wolf in his office, by the student.

*Search for APA Text Note and Reference Page examples on my website:

*Additional assistance available through SCC Student Support Services (Turoring)

Appendix B: Detailed Project Guidelines:

Abnormal Psychology Film Review


In addition to their sheer entertainment value, popular movies often depict psychological disorders. There is certainly no shortage of “Abnormal Psychology movies” available for viewing; however, many provide inaccurate portrayals of psychological behaviors, traits and disorders. This often leads to the public at large having a distorted view of what Psychopathology is or how Clinical Psychologists work. Remember from General Psychology, a major part of becoming a “critical thinker” is becoming a critical consumer of popular information.

Your mission in this assignment is to choose a film with an abnormal psychological theme or issue, research the theme or issue portrayed in the film, and then carefully analyze how well or accurately you believe the movie presented the theme to the viewing audience.


1. Choose a movie from the attached list. I have indicated which are available from the SCC Library. The remainder may be rented from Netflix, a local video store or perhaps borrowed from a friend or family member.

2. View the movie at least once). Even if you have seen the movie previously, watch it again. You will need to pay very close attention to what is being portrayed and you should probably take some notes. They will come in handy later, as you write your paper.

3. Write a reaction/research paper using the following guidelines: a. In an opening paragraph (or two), summarize the plot of the movie. Remember, this is a summation; I don’t need a description of every scene.

b. Find three to five internet articles that deal with the specific...
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