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1.0 Company Profile

L’Oreal Company established itself in Mauritius in the late nineteenth exactly on the 14th July 1972. L’Oreal’s success is built on a strong foundation, one of the world’s largest beauty products company. L’Oreal has gained its popularity on the market, as it is one of the companies in the world that works closely with cosmetology and dermatology research.

At L’Oreal, we have made cosmetics the main focus of all our energy and know-how for nearly a century. We are full committed to put all our expertise and research resources to work for the well being of men and women in all their diversity.

2.0 About the product

L’Oreal is a brand that is extremely popular among women; it has been enjoying success and prosperity for many long years. Anyone who thinks of beauty thinks of L’Oreal. The brand produces a great range of health care products and decorative cosmetics that every women enjoyed, but relatively unknown among men. So L’Oreal has an image that is strongly feminine, but L’Oreal wants to change this image now.

Specialists devote their time to seek and develop ecological cosmetic product to give a fresh new and dynamic life to men. L’Oreal has come forward with the L’Oreal Paris brand (Men Expert), comprising of an exclusive range of men’s grooming products. Including moisturize, shaving cream and gel, wrinkle decrease and cleanser. L’Oreal Paris brand (Men Expert) wants to touch all the targets, from young men with their skin problems to adults men with their first tiredness signs and also old men.

L’Oreal will come forward with a complete pack of product each of these products will be of different purpose:

* Anti fatigue
* Anti Wrinkle
* Sensitive skin

3.0 Company vision

L’Oreal has gained its popularity and reputation on the market by providing excellent goods and services to its customers. By promoting L’Oreal Paris brand which was originally designed for women has been very successful for L’Oreal.

Base on market research L’Oreal has come forwards with new products which is the L’Oreal brand (Men Expert) which is mainly designed and targeted for men, as beauty and fashion has gain ground in the society. L’Oreal vision is to develop new products to cop with the changing fashion environments and to work toward the unlimited wants of the customers so as to provide to each and everyone of them customer satisfaction.

According to L’Oreal’s research and development department, their commitment and curiosity has proved that in a short lap of time the Company should be able to compete with their competitions such as Avon, Nivea, Yves Rocher and many others and be the number one on the market.

4.0 Company mission

We recognize that our first responsibility is to our customers with whom we want to build a long-term business relationship by providing products and services that meet and exceed their expectations. L’Oreal wants to add value to L’Oreal products so as to give legendary customer services so as to achieve customer satisfactions.

In the past L’Oreal has accomplished its goal by providing to women with a huge variety of L’Oreal products. In 2010, L’Oreal is coming up with a new innovation, which is to help men of all ages in Mauritius to express their individual personality and to have self-confidence in them by implementing L’Oreal brand (Men Expert) in their daily life. This will also give value to our business and to the working lives of our employees.

5.0 Comprehensive marketing plan

L’OREAL wants to target only men this time, with the launching of L’Oreal Paris brand (Men Expert), consisting of eight new products such moisturize, shaving cream and gel, wrinkle decrease and cleanser. These products will target men of all ages that are from adolescence to middle aged men and as well as old men. According to the market research, survey show that 92% of the population thinks it’s normal for men to use cosmetics and to get a healthy...
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