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Research Projects (AB3RP)
University of Applied Science
Research Projects (AB3RP)
University of Applied Science

Research proposal
Research proposal
Project ELF
Project ELF

Research proposal

Project ELF

Research Projects

Academic year 2012 - 2013

Applied Business Administration
Stenden University of Applied Science

Table of Content
1. Introduction4
1.1. Content of the research proposal4
1.2. Project group4
2. Background Information5
2.1 The client5
2.2 Purpose of the research5
3. Conducting research6
3.1. Provisional objective6
3.2. Provisional problem statement7
3.3. Projects limits8
4. Comprehensive approach10
4.1. Planning of the project10
4.2. Research instruments and methods11
5.2. Bibliography13

1. Introduction
1.1. Content of the research proposal
The research proposal is made for ELF. ELF stands for the Dutch term ‘één loket faciliteit’. ELF is more known by international students as ‘single point of contact function’. It deals with the legal affairs of students, mainly referring their questions or complaints to the correct department. With this research proposal we want to propose a research about how to create more brand awareness for ELF and give advice how ELF can be designed properly.

The second chapter describes the background of this research project. In this chapter information about the client is given and the purpose of the research is described. In the third chapter the provisional objective, the provisional question and the project limits are described. This is in order to get a clearer picture of the research project. In the fourth chapter the comprehensive approach is mentioned. It describes the planning that will be used and which kind of research instruments will be uses to conduct this research in a successful way. In chapter five is mentioned the contact information about the persons who are involved within this project, furthermore, the bibliography of the literature review is added in this chapter. 1.2. Project group

Third years students of Applied Business Administration are working on this project. There are fifteen students. Because it is a big group there was decided to divide the group into three subgroups. These subgroups are Design, Customers, and Marketing. Every subgroup focuses one part of the research but everything is linked to each other. He will help the group by giving lectures and workshops about how to do research. Besides that he also gives advice to the group.

2. Background Information
2.1 The client
This research is carried out on behalf of ELF. ELF is a facility offered by University to its students. ELF stands for ‘één loket faciliteit’. The English translation for this is ‘single point of contact function’. ELF offers support to students who have problems with a legal background. 2.2 Purpose of the research

Because of the fact that not many students have used ELF in the past and that ELF is not widely known among the students, ELF wants to have research conducted about how ELF can increase the awareness of their existence by students and how ELF can be designed so that it can be found easily and used efficiently. It is important that the awareness is created to let the students know what their rights are. The students need to know where they can go with their problems in order to receive information about how to handle for instance a negative binding study advice, or file a complaint about legal issues. Thereby ELF has a position which enables them to reach departments needed to solve these complaints or questions. The situation right now is that students are mostly referred through to other persons and then again are referred to someone else, which takes a long period of time to receive an answer. Sometimes students are not even receiving an answer of for instance their exam committee. By using the support of ELF students avoid being sent...
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