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+Add Edit Delete Modules
These modules enable the user to input new items, attributes, and users, with their field values (e.g. description, price, firstname, lastname). The module contains 4 panels, 1 grid, 8 buttons, 10 - 16 labels, 4 - 10 edit boxes, and 2 - 4 combo boxes. The labels guide the users on what they should input on edit boxes or textboxes beside the labels. The edit boxes accept a string input which is carried on to the database (e.g. Item Description, Price). The combo boxes allow the user to choose from a list of items. Other objects on the form are explained below by their corresponding panels.

The first panel contains 1 grid and 1 button:
Item/Attribute/User Grid – contains a list of existing records in the database, the user is able to edit the record in the grid by clicking a cell and then clicking the edit button or by double-clicking a cell. The grid displays the record’s ID, Description, Price, Username, etc. Edit Button – takes the user to a new panel allowing him/her to edit the existing record. The second panel contains 4 - 6 labels, 2 edit boxes, and 1 - 2 combo boxes: The third panel contains 5 buttons:

Add Button – enables the user to input a new record in the database given the new record’s field values. Cancel Button – takes the user to the main menu.
Delete Button – lets the user delete an existing item in the database. Exit Button – terminates the program.
Refresh Button – refreshes the grid to see a new list of inputted records, although the button is auto-clicked whenever the form is loaded or when a new item is inputted. The fourth panel contains 6 labels, 2 edit boxes, 2 combo boxes, and 2 buttons. The panel is invisible to the user until the edit button is clicked or the cell double-clicked: Item/User/Attribute ID Label – displays the existing record’s ID number in the database and grid. Save Button – stores the values inputted in the edit boxes to the database. Cancel Button – takes the user to back to adding or...
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