Project Develpment Management

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DR. 2
1. What primary characteristics distinguish the very successful project managers from the more mediocre project managers? * Successful project managers must have a range of personal characteristics as well as problem solving skills. Project managers must have the organizational planning skills to effectively utilize limited resources, the communication skills to listen and identify potential problems, the leadership skills to seize the initiative and set the example, and have the team building skills to motivate the team towards a common goal with the resolve to see the project through to completion. The successful project manager must also be adaptive to change and be technical and tactically proficient. 2. In Table 3, match the rankings between skills and problems. Why aren’t the top skills matched to the problems? 1. Communication resources inadequate

2. Organizational Meeting (unrealistic) deadlines
3. Team Building-unclear goals/ direction
4. Leadership Team members uncommitted
5. Coping Insufficient
6. Technological breakdown in communications

3. In table 1, which of the problems are related to project set-up (perhaps occurring before a project manager was selected) and which are related to the project manager’s skills?
In Table I, which of the problems are related to project setup, There were Resources inadequate, Meeting ("unrealistic") deadlines, Unclear goals/direction, Team members uncommitted, Insufficient planning, Changes in goals and resources Conflicts between departments or functions. And which are related to the project manager's skills? That is communications, organization, team building, leadership, Copying, and technology. 4. How does table 1 compare to the discussion in the chapter?

There were nearly 900 statements about what factors or variables created "problems" in managing a project. Most of these statements could be clustered into eight categories as shown in Table 1....
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