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Cost Analysis - Brita nnia Bread

This Is to certify that the Project titled: Cost Anal y-sis at Brit annia Bread has been submined by: • Atut Ratnapakhi

Reshma Rasal Sheetal Rathod Sneha Pati • V ikas Rathod Vlneet sarat

Towards fulfillment of the requirement of PGDM course 2008 - 2010 and has been catried OIA under the guidance of Prrt !ayesb Jain at the Indian Educatk:m SOCiety's Management College & Research Centre. The information submitted

ts true and original to the best of our knmvledge

Gukle: Place: Date:

Prof J ayesh Jain

2 1Page

Cost Analysis - Britannia Bread

We hereby declare that this report submitted in partial fulfil lment of the requirement of the award for the Post Graduate Diploma in Management Studies to IES Management College is our original work and not submitted for award of any titles or prizes. While the data required for analysis has been sourced from various magazines, books and portals, the analysis is original. We further certify that we have no objection and grant the rights to the IES Management Co ll ege to publish any chapter/ project if

t hey deem fit in journals/ Magazines and newspapers etc without our permission. Place Date Name : Mumbai : 2"" September, 2008. : Sneha Patil (76)

Reshma Rasal (82) Sheetal Rathod Vikas Rathod (84) (83)

Atul Ratnaparkhi (85) Vineet Saraf Class : PGDM



Division: B

3 j Page

Co5t Analy5i5 - Brit annia Bread

One is filled with great sense of pride when students are able to distinguish themselves in "WOrks. even beyond the four walls of the classrocm. This work is synergistic product of our m ind. We are grateful to many Tran generational source and roots of wisdom ltlat helped us to make this project viable and also on the right time. The material and arrangement has slowly evolved and has imbued those who has deeply...
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