Project Constraints and Assumptions

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  • Published : October 31, 2012
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Project Constraints

There are several areas of constraints identified on this project. These constraints will be considered when developing work packages and allocating the resources to these packages. 1.Resource constraints

Due to the functional arrangement of the present organization structure of the MOWI, staff resources will only be available on a part time basis for this project The client has limited staff capable of describing in detail the operational requirements of the MAP. A large percentage of the staff has little experience in this type of project and will not be adequately trained to efficiently execute work packages

2.Delivery Constraints

There is electrical equipment (high voltage switchgear) that has to be outsourced internationally and this will therefore constitute a lead time that cannot be estimated with any accuracy. T&TEC reconnection date cannot be estimated with any level of accuracy. Approval of delivered work packages may require some time before it is accepted.

3.Budgetary Constraints

T&TEC capital contribution fee cannot be properly estimated. Unknown underground existing services (water, electrical, gas line) cannot be properly estimated for.

4.Environmental Constraints
The operating environment is new to and few staff members are familiar with the site. The project depends on the transportation of the MAP to Agua Santa Wallerfield. Certain key decision making personnel may not be reachable at all times.

5.Functionality Constraints

The project scope is unclear, ambiguous and poorly defined. The MAP may operate differently than expected. (Long off time).  
Project Assumptions

There are several areas of assumptions identified on an electrical construction project. These assumptions are as follows:

1.Resource Assumptions

Project staff resources will be available for atleast 2 hours per day on the project as required by the Project Manager. Computer...
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