Project Circuits

Topics: Electronic filter, The Circuit, Construction Pages: 2 (647 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Practical Filter Circuits
“A Practical Project”

Course instructor: Professor Yasser G. Hegazy Lab Instructors: Eng. Yassmine Adel Hassan Eng. Yassmine Zaghlool Eng. Radwa Sayed Eng. Ramy Hanna Eng. Fadwa Fouda Eng. Randa El-Khosht Eng. Reham Fouad

Project Objective: The main objective of this project is to gain some experience in building and analyzing small practical circuits. Upon completion the project, students will be able to distinguish between the different types of filters, to identify the appropriate circuit components for building filter circuits, to perform measurements of electric quantities and to test the Project Description: The concept of filters has been an integral part of the evolution of electrical engineering from the beginning. Several technological achievements would not have been possible without electrical filters. Because of this prominent role of filters, much effort has been expended on the theory, design, and construction of filters and many articles and books have been written on them. A filter is a circuit that is designed to pass signals with desired frequencies and reject or attenuate others. As a frequency-selective device, a filter can be used to limit the frequency spectrum of a signal to some specified band of frequencies. Filters are the circuits used in radio and TV receivers to allow us to select one desired signal out of a multitude of broadcast signals in the environment. A filter is a passive filter if it consists of only passive elements R, L, and C. It is said to be an active filter if it consists of active elements (such as transistors and op amps) in addition to passive elements R, L, In this project, students will implement and test standard filter circuits. A list of filter circuits to choose from is presented in the following section.

List of Circuits: Please download the following PDF file and pick up your filter circuit from the list of filter circuits section 3 pages 12 to 25....
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