Project Charter and Scope Statement

Topics: Construction, Project management, Building Pages: 4 (619 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Project NameHuntsville, Alabama Plant ConstructionProject Number1 Project ManagerPrioritization
Seitz Corporation
Start Date:April 17, 2011
Scheduled Completion Date:June 30, 2012

Mission: The Seitz Corporation has identified strategic objectives that include doubling sales in the next decade, developing new products, expanding market share, and increasing productivity. This project has been authorized to construct a new production plant in Huntsville Alabama to achieve the company’s objectives in the next fiscal year.

In: Select Architect, Real Estate Consultant, General Contractor Recruit and Train Plant Managers
Create Pre-Production and Production Plan
Create a Building Concept and Design
Procure Building Site, Permits and Approvals
Construct the Huntsville Plant
Landscaping on Site
Personnel Recruiting for Plant Operations
Procure Equipment, Raw Material and Truck Fleet
Install Equipment
Create Product Distribution Plan and Pre-production Plan Start-up Production and Distribution

Out: Geothermal Heating
Solar Powered Electric Feed
Multi-level Parking
Food Court
Construction of Separate Distribution Facility


To construct a production plant beginning April 17, 2011 and begin production and distribution operations by June 30, 2012.

Land is found and purchased
Permits and approvals are obtained
Equipment and raw materials are available
Local human resources are available to recruit

ConstraintsCost, Time, Scope

Time/Decision Points
Architect, Real Estate Consultant and Contractor
Building Concept and Design
Building Construction
Procure equipment, raw materials and truck fleet
Recruit personnel to manage plant operations
Start up production and distribution

Cost/Financial Assumptions
The total...
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