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  • Published : January 26, 2010
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|Project Name: Relocation Study |Version No.: 1 | | |Date: September 5, 2010 | | |Number: 10-111 | |Current Name Phase: None | | |Project Manager: Joan McLean |Telephone #: 919-0001 | |Division Functional Director: Jim Logan |Telephone #: 919-0002 | |Project Sponsor: Joanne Kline |Telephone #: 919-0003 |

|CORPORATE PROJECT PURPOSE: | |Because the company is currently considering the possible consolidation of its seven manufacturing sites into one location, it needs more | |complete information on locations, employee opinions and costs to make a decision. | | | |CRITICAL SUCCESS FACTORS: | |Identify a minimum of two potential locations | |Involvement of employees | |PROJECT GOALS: | |To provide corporate management with sufficient information upon which to decide whether to consolidate the company into one site. | |PROJECT STRATEGY | |Involve all departments in the research | |To be open with the employees and other interested stakeholders about the project and its goals. | |COMMUNICATIONS STRATEGY | |To develop a process to solicit employee input | |To provide reports on the results of the employee survey process, and the two selected sites | |To provide a recommendation to senior management on the preferred site | |END PRODUCTS: A study report which | |-identifies and justifies a location which provides the best rationalization of all operations | |-provides a view of employees attitudes towards consolidation | |-provides and economic analysis of such a consideration | |KEY INTERIM PRODUCTS:...
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