Project Charter

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  • Published : March 14, 2013
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Project Name


Date:dd / mm / yyyy
Version: 1.0
Prepared by:X.YYYYYYYYY

|Project Name | | |Project Sponsor(s) | | |Proposed Start Date | | |Proposed End Date | |

1. Project Background and Rationale
• Describe the business rationale for the project, providing relevant background information to help the reader of this document place the proposed project in the right context (e.g. relative to strategic or operational goals of the company).

2. Project Goals
• What is the overall project goal or objective?
• Specifics under deliverables, scope, success criteria should help ensure the objective is "SMART" and clearly understood by all. (Note: to help simplify a charter, you could also group goals, deliverables success criteria together into one section).

3. Deliverables
• What are the key outputs / end products of the project? (Be as specific as possible: e.g. a new process, a report/presentation, a system implementation, a recommendation etc.)

4. Scope
• What are the boundaries of the project? Provide information that may help scale the project and specifically address topics raised by stakeholders in terms of what is included vs. excluded from the project. What is described here may be helpful later on when issues of "scope creep" may need to be addressed!

5. Success Criteria / Expected Business Benefits
• May include project benefits or specific measures associated with...
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