Project Administration

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QUT – Project Administration
QUT – Project Administration
Lachlan Steel – N7583842
Words - 2050
Lachlan Steel – N7583842
Words - 2050
The Ryugyong Hotel
The Ryugyong Hotel

Table of Contents
Project Administration2
Background Information3
Name of the project3
When it was built3
Duration of the project3
The Structure4
Cost of the Project5
Public or private5
Detailed Analysis6
Key issue/ problems6
Causing the cost over run7

Project Administration

Background Information
Name of the project
The Ryugyong Hotel also know as “Hotel of Doom” and “The Phantom Hotel,” pyramid-shaped building designed in the 80s Brutalist Sci-Fi style so beloved of Marxist dictators of the time, the 105 floor Ryugyong Hotel at 330 meters was to be one of the tallest buildings outside of the US. The Ryugyong Hotel in Pyongyang, the North Korean capital, was envisioned by the government as a symbol of wealth, but the economy prevented construction for more than 25 years. It became a popular Google Earth destination.

When it was built
Construction of the hotel began in nineteen eighty seven (1987) and continued until 1993, because the project cost necessary to correctly rebuild was simply to much for the bankrupt government/city to bear. For 15 years the people of Pyongyang simply chose to deny the existence of the abandoned concrete shell, even though it completely dominates the city's skyline and western visitors found it bizarrely impossible to direct a taxi towards the site. Then in 2008 rumors started developing about movement on the site. This was slightly surprising since long-time observers of the project had estimated the cost of mending and finishing to be US$1-$2 billion according to Gizmag (2011). It emerged that an Egyptian conglomerate Orascom had committed $400 million to completion of the building and is likely to be finished in 2013.

Duration of the project
The Ryugyong Hotel took a total 24 years, and the slowest hotel development in history may finally be ready to open its doors to the public in 2013. Construction was first stopped in nineteen nighty three as a result of the collapsed Soviet Union in 1991. The lack of funding coming into North Korea as a fallout from the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics’s demise combined with natural disasters and various financial problems grounded the project. Despite reaching its full architectural height in 1992 for the next sixteen years the hotel remained incomplete as a bare concrete shell. Three years ago it was exposed by the regime that Egyptian construction business corporation the Orascom Group would recommence the construction. Despite being overshadowed by this newer building, North Korea is aiming to complete the long-awaited project in time for the 100th anniversary of the birth of the nation’s founder, Kim II-sung. The government has even gone so far as to closed down the state’s universities for tem months in order to send its students to work within the construction and agriculture sectors as well as in factories in the run up to the anniversary in 2012 according to Min Suk Choi (2011).

The Structure
The Ryugyong Hotel is a unique structure that consists of 105 story (331.3m) 550000 tones mass. The Hotel is a complex consisted of three separated structures, a central 105 storey tower, three 25 floor additional rising by each of the tower wings and finally the ground floor part around the tower all adds up to have a pyramid look elevation. As seen below

The 105 storey tower consist of eight floors at 3.6 metes, 96 floors at 3 meters and one floor at 4.5 metes. It has a floor area of 320000m2. The tower consist of three wings, 56.4x18.9 meters around the core, while the core has a diameter of 34.2 metes. The wings rise vertically up to the 25th story, than taper up to the 81st floor with a slop angle of 75.6 degrees where they vanish, while the central core...
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