Project 3

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  • Published : February 8, 2013
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Nur ullah
MIS 2101
Project 3 – Phase 3
Google Analytics Results

Within a week, your site should get some traffic. The report of this traffic will be found on the dashboard of your site as well as the Google site. Take your screen shot of the main analytics page (from the Google site) and paste it to a word document. In addition to this screen shot, include the following items: 1.Visit the Google site and analyze the total visits, bounce rate, traffic sources, and page views on your site. Write a short paragraph summarizing the specific numbers and what they mean (not the definitions of these fields but what the data is telling you).

I found 1 visitor in my Google site. The bounce rate and traffic source was 100%. The page view was 1.

2. List three specific changes you can make to your site to increase the total visits. Search engine optimization is about ways to get your website to the top of search engines: This cannot be stressed enough. I can do this by generating useful content like articles and blogs, by social networking and the development of multimedia. This sounds easy but it’s a lot of hard work. Still, I can also strategically spread my content in different websites while keeping my target niche in mind. Be very careful not to over link to pages within my site, this is a new penalty from Google's most recent update. Use social media: Post compelling content and I’ll soon build a loyal following. Follow and share with other users, who may reciprocate and follow me. Keeping up to date with social media and finding time to post can be tricky, but it’s well worth it. Let people talk and become part of a community and they’ll promote your content for me. This will save me a great deal of time, and it will share much further. Be patient: Search engines need a lot of time to index a new website and domain. They need time to index all my content; it's worth the wait and should be factored into my website profitability and/or popularity...
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