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Project Feasibility Report of Jimaga Ltd

[Summary] This is a project feasibility report of Jimaga Ltd. It analyzes the concerns, stages, processed, leadership, administration and control problems of the building project whose total superficial content is 35,000 square metres. The conclusion of this feasibility report is that this project could be completed in the right time with the given budget.

Project Name: Jimaga Ltd’s New Building
Proprietor: Jimaga Ltd
Construction Unit: XXX Construction Company
Date: 20YY/MM/DD-20YY/MM/DD

It has been proved both in theory and practice those successful projects that are delivered on time, satisfying customer objectives and delivered to budget, a thorough approach to planning and control is essential. Project feasibility is usually the first stage of the planning process. 1.0 Concerns

1.1 A Simple Introduction to Jimaga Ltd
Jimaga Ltd is a SME company specializing in the design and supply of promotional brochures. The organizations they are commissioned by includes: Local Authorities, SME enterprises, and - on rare organizations - large global companies. The company has been particularly successful since it started trading in 2005. 1.2 Necessity of the Project

To apply expansion strategy, Jimaga Ltd acquired a building which would allow the company to target and respond to large global organizations demands for service. 1.3 Goals
The goal of this project is to acquire the successful opening of a building which Jimaga Ltd recently acquired (35,000 square metres). It will give the company the access to meet the demands of large global organizations and the opportunity to apply an expansion strategy. 1.4 Project Objectives

The purpose of project management is to foresee or predict as many dangers and problems as possible; and to plan, organize and control activities so that the project is completed as successfully as possible in spite of all the risks. Project objectives are the quantitative and qualitative measures by which the project team will judge the completion of the project. Generally speaking, managers who join in a project should set suitable project objectives in the first place. Before the construction of this project, mangers in Jimaga Ltd should first answer theses questions: ← Who will use this project?

← When will this project should be completed?
← How much is the budget of this project is?
← To what degree could Jimaga Ltd bear the possible loss? ← What are the time requirements of this project of Jimaga Ltd? ← What’s the management scope during the construction process? As a result, these targets would be suitable project objectives for this project. ← Economic target: This project would be delivered with the given budget. ← Safety target: This project would be delivered without accidents that are made by related persons. 2.0 Key People

Field and Keller define six key people who are critical to the success of all projects: Sponsor, Champion, Client, Customer, Owner and Stakeholder[1]. To successfully complete this project in time, the key people should be discussed in the first place: ← Sponsor: Jimaga Ltd

← Champion: employees of Jimaga Ltd, its customers, builders and so on ← Client: Jimaga Ltd
← Customer: potential client now and in the future of Jimaga Ltd ← Owner: owners of Jimaga Ltd
← Stakeholder: owners of Jimaga Ltd
3.0 Processes
Most projects can be subdivided into four generic phases: concept, design, implement and commission. The project life­cycle enables us to look at the bigger picture[2]. Therefore, we see the project as a unit that will be implemented in four phases: planning process, executing, monitoring and controlling, closing. 3.1 Planning Process

Very simply put, planning is setting the direction for something - some system - and then guiding the system to follow the direction. Rory Burke once noted that "Planning is...
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