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David Beckham was one of the most successful endorsers in the late 1990s and the early twenty-first century. What were reasons for the success as an endorser? What values did he signify as a brand and what were the advantages that the companies who used him obtained? (Answer with special reference to Beckham’s popularity in the Far East)

David Beckham was one of the most successful endorsers in the late 1990s and the early twenty-first century for the following reasons:

A) David Beckham’s image: David Beckham portrayed a very confident and attractive image that appealed to a wide range of people, both football fans and people who had no idea on the concept of football. He was the well sort out star. He also had a charismatic character and very attractive image that appealed to both women and men alike. In the late 1990’s, he brought a new concept of promoting the well image of men. For instance, in 1997, Beckham endorsed the Brylcreem’s hairstyling gel, traditionally used by older men. However, Brylcreem’s thought its best business strategy to remove the perception of the product being used by older men to the perception of it being used by young attractive people; the Company thought that its best strategy was to use the image of Beckham to portray its image as appealing to the young market. Also, another reason why David Beckham is a successful brand is due to his appeals a wide range of audience be, it perfume or underwear that he endorses, men want to look like him and women what their husband’s to look like him as well.

B) David Beckham’s character: Beckham had a special ability to be able to reach out to all kinds of people- high, middle or low class people, he possesses universal appeal and his popularity exceeds all barriers of nationality, gender or age. He is perceived as a very charitable person. Consumers generally love to be associated with well-mannered super stars and David Beckham embodied that with his personality. Also Beckham never forgot his humble beginning, growing up in an underprivileged family in London. On his rise to fame, he has continuously been conscious of where he came from and made giving back a huge part of the Beckham brand. David is also a well-known philanthropist. This cements his brand as a kind hearted and relatable individual. He recently “made history” by revealing that he will be donating his entire earnings from his new contract with Paris St German to children’s charity in Paris. This is one of many philanthropic acts he has been in involved in. In addition he is founding member of malaria no more and has been appointed as one of the ambassadors of UNICEF. Beckham operates two footballs schools. The first one founded in London and the second in Los Angeles. Although the London location closed in the early 2010, the facilities are still been used for football coaching. This is one of many of his many generous acts.

C) David Beckham’s marital status and family man: Beckham’s marriage to Spice Girls super star, Victoria also made him a natural choice for marketers to use in promoting their products. Primarily famous as a football player, his marriage to “Posh Spice” provided him with the necessary connection and a platform for a successful crossover to the celebrity world of entertainment and fashion. The couples are both seen to be fashion icons. Therefore whatever they do seem to capture the imagination of the public, who want to emulate them at all cost. Victoria plays a vital role in the design of Beckham’s brand. The couples were also the favorites on the media because of the iconic fashion style. They were also project the image of a family man who loves his wife and this appeals to main sections of the public. This also helped increase his popularity in Asian countries, which gives a lot of significance to family. This set a good image for a lot of brand to want to use David Beckham as an endorser for their products.

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