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I Ashish Katoch student of B.Tech, C.T. Institute of Management, Shahpur, Jalandhar, feel immense pleasure in presenting the seminar on the topic ‘Drug Addition’. I have put in all my efforts to make this seminar complete in all respect. I have done my level best and have tried with my sincere efforts to do full justice with the topic, but there would be quite injustice on my part if I fail to mention the most creditable person whose involvement has made possible to make this Project Report, Lecturer Kamal Dhillon they timely encouragement and guidance has really been the motivating factor for me. Therefore, I would like to thank them for their concern and guidance which are invaluable according to me. Ashish Katoch Roll No. 7991115647

2 An introduction to Drug Addiction 3 Characteristics of Drug Addiction 4 Causes of Drug Addiction 5 Types of Drugs and there effects 6 Signs and symptoms of Drug Addicts 7 Drug Addictions – In teenagers 8 How to recognize drug abuse in teenagers? 9 Steps to prevent the use of drugs among teenagers 10 Addiction treatment – Past and present 11 Time period taken for recovery 12 Conclusions Bibliography

An Introduction The word ‘Drug’ has been derived from a Fresh word “Drogue” which means a dry herb. These are organic or inorganic substance which when taken produces an effect on body. When people hear the world drug addict, the words have negative feeling and stigmas attached to them. People visualize a person who does not care about anything including family, work or commitments except for obtaining money to buy drugs. However, there are many people who are drug addicts that maintain a normal functioning life. DEFINITION OF DRUG ADDICTION According to world health organization “Drug addiction is a State of Periodic or Chronic intoxication produced by the repeated consumption of drug”. DEFINITION OF ADDICTION According to George. F. Koob “Addiction is a compulsion to take a drug without control over he intake and chronic relapse disorder”. However, there are certain misconceptions about drug addicts. Once it was thought a person was drug addict or alcoholic only if he needed that drug daily or if the event through some withdrawal symptoms like vomiting,

sneezing, death etc. when the stopped using the substance. It was though that alcoholic and drug addicts were unemployed, poor and from the inner city. But this is not true. Many drug addicts do not experience physical withdrawal symptoms when they stop using it. The majority of addicted people are employed and appear to be functioning normally.

1. Loss of Control The user cannot predict what will happen when he uses the substance. One day he may be able to stop after one drink, or after one line of cocaine, the next day he may not be able to control his use at all. 2. Compulsive Preoccupation The addict spends a great deal of time thinking about the substance. 3. Continued use despite negative consequences If drinking or drug use causes problems but one continues to do it one is tempting addiction or is already addicted. The person has lost voluntary control on the use of that substance.

There has been a controversy over the causes of addiction. Historically it was thought that addiction was caused by 13 Lack of willpower 14 Poverty 15 Moral weakness 16 Mental illness 17 Genetics 18 Family socialization 19 Anti-social personalities 20 Societal problems Some scientists believed that drug addiction is a disease although the evidence to support this theory is weak. Main 3 causes of drug addiction 1. The Drug Some drugs are more addictive than others. This is due to the pharmacology of the substance and how it affects the mood of the user. 2. The Addict People who have low. Self concepts, who feel bad about themselves have a higher rate of addiction. People with low self concepts user psychoactive substances either to...
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