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Phần 1: Khánh

Hello, everybody. My name is Khanh and this is my group. Our project today is “Importance of role play to help students improve English” so I am going to talk about the importance and the benefit of role play in learning English. Before starting to learn about how role play is important. I think that We should know the reason why people try to learn English. Nowadays, English is the international language so it is very important for our lives now and in the future. If you can speak English, you will have many good opportunities such as: communicate confidential with people all around the world, get a good position in international companies, earn lots of money, etc… I think this is the reason why young people are interested in learning English because they are aware of the importance of English in the future. If you want to learn English, you have to practice all four skills : speaking, listening, writing, reading. People who study English usually get trouble in speaking, listening and reading. These are our weaknesses and that should be improved. There are many ways to do if we want to improve it. But one of the most popular way is using role play to help them improve their speaking skill and listening skill. Therefore, We are going to introduce to you “How to improve your English by role play” Role play is perfect for students who are shy and not confident in their English skills. Because this activity asks students to role-play certain social situations. This situations can include job interviews and meeting new people or some famous story… role play not only help students speak English confident before the public but also help them learn many new words and improve their listening skill a lot. To make sure that the benefits of role play bring in learning English is very big. My classmate - Yen will give you The differences between learning English in Vietnamese schools and foreign language center.

Phần 2: Yến

The differences between learning English in Vietnamese schools and foreign language center is the teaching method. You know, in VietNamese school they don’t ask student to perform role play so students can not improve speaking and listening skill. Therefore learning English become very boring. But if you learn English in foreigner language centers such as: ILA, EZ, VUS…, they will ask you to perform role play in class so your English will be improved . That is all you need. Now, let take a look on the screen and enjoy a role play of EZ’s students.


After watching this video clip I make sure that you will understand more about the teaching method by using role play and also its benefit in studying.

Phần 3: Như

What steps are needed to make a role-play?

• The first step is to create drama circumstance.To attract viewer’s attention,the drama needs to have an expected circumstance.These circumstance can proceed from situations in daily life,or in your inmagination or may be from a book,a novel,…So,making a circumstance ia very important step to good drama.

• Choose a place to role-play.Choose a place that suits.

• Choose context and roles.

• Define aims and objectives

• Choose character.Then define clear role descriptors and what they will say. To prepare for dialogues, you will have to imagine what you will say if you're in the actor's situation, which requires a copious fantasy. The next step is to collect necessary information related to the play's content, this will help the audience knows more about the meanings that you want to entrust through the play.

• Language preparation : Once you have selected a suitable role play, predict the language needed for it.

• Define time limit.

• In order to build the atmostphere, bring in props appropriate for the role-play situation.

Phần 3: Chị Ngân (Đây là ý chính thui nhe chị (. Chị đọc rồi thêm vô nhe. )

Criteria for Judging a Role Play...
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