Topics: Sensors, Light, Passive infrared sensor Pages: 7 (2157 words) Published: March 18, 2013
International Conference on Computing and Control Engineering (ICCCE 2012), 12 & 13 April, 2012

Automatic Street Light Intensity Control and Road Safety Module Using Embedded System Radhi Priyasree1; Rafiya Kauser.H2; Vinitha.E3; Gangatharan.N4 Department of ECE, RMK College of Engineering and Technology R.S.M Nagar, Puduvoyal-601206 radhipriyasree@gmail.com1; riyakulz@gmail.com2; vinithamaran@gmail.com3; n.gangatharan@yahoo.com4 Abstract This paper is aimed at creating safer roadways with intelligent light system to reduce power consumption. This system has automatic street light intensity control based on the vehicular movement and switching ON and OFF of street lights depending on the light ambiance. This will help in reducing the power consumption during hours of meager road usage. The street light module is installed consequently for every certain distance. This paper also aims at reducing road accidents by detecting consumption of alcohol by the driver. This can be implemented using alcohol sensor module which contains skin sensor, breath alcohol sensor and proximity sensor. The skin sensor and breadth alcohol sensor detects the presence of alcohol content and the proximity sensor helps in detecting any kind of malpractice. The novelty of this paper is to effectively reduce the energy consumption of the street lights by controlling the street light’s intensity, sensing both human as well as vehicular movement and injury and death caused by drunk driving can be prevented by prior sensing of the alcohol content in drivers by a simple and economical way. Key words Street light intensity control; PIR sensors; LDR; alcohol detection; alcohol sensors; skin sensors; proximity sensors; reduced power consumption; safer roadways. ________________________________________ I INTRODUCTION Street lighting provides a safe night time environment for all road users including pedestrians. Research indicates that night-time vehicular accidents are significantly reduced by the provision of street lighting. It also helps to reduce the fear of crime, and encourages social inclusion by providing an environment in which people feel they can walk in hours of darkness. Providing street lighting is one of the most important and expensive responsibilities of a city. Lighting can account for 10– 38% of the total energy bill in typical cities worldwide. Street lighting is a particularly critical concern for public authorities in developing countries because of its strategic importance for economic and social stability. Inefficient lighting wastes significant financial resources each year, and poor lighting creates unsafe conditions. Energy efficient technologies and design can cut street lighting costs dramatically (often by 25-60%). The implementation of street light intensity control using LUX meter, traffic sensor and complex subcontrol machines are in process in the Norway. (Oslo street light control)[6]. But the power consumption is reduced only by nearly 30%. There also exists a project in progress where in the street light power consumption is reduced using a remote controlled system [1], but the disadvantage is that it is not cost efficient and that the initial investment is not economical. This paper is aimed at designing and implementing an automatic system to control and reduce energy consumption of a town’s public lighting system up to 60%. This can be done using PIR sensor which senses the movement and passes the information to the PIC (peripheral interface control) microcontroller. The pattern in which the lights have to be turned ON can also be programmed, as in dimming of lights etc. Additionally LDR (Light dependent resistors) can be used. The ambiance of light is checked and lights are turned ON when it is dark and are turned OFF during the day time. The advantage of using the PIR is that it can sense the human movement and also that of the vehicle. Thus this paper once implemented on a large scale can bring in significant...
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