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A kid with Hepatitis A can return to school 1 week within the onset of jaundice.2. After a patient has dialysis they may have a slight fever...this is normal due tothe fact that the dialysis solution is warmed by the machine. 3. Hyperkalemia presents on an EKG as tall peaked T-waves 4. The antidote for Mag Sulfate toxicity is ---Calcium Gluconate 5. Impetigo is a CONTAGEOUS skin disorder and the person needs to wash ALLlinens and dishes seperate from the family. They also need to wash their handsfrequently and avoid contact.Vasopressin think DIABETES INSIPIDUS!!!!Vasopressin is also known as antidiuretic hormone2.  

1. dont give beta blockers to anyone with respiratory problems i.e asthma,copd.2. periorbital edema sign of complication with impetigo (indicateglomernephritis) 3. Myocardial infaraction always relieve pain with morphine 1st. sometimes thechoice oxygen will be in the same question. choose morphine. 4. positive sweat test. indicative of cystic fibrosis 5. DKA-KETONES IN URINE, FRUITY BREATH, KUSSMAUL RESP DIABETES I, HHNK-NOKETONES-SUGAR HIGH-DIABETES ii.3.  

1. Herbs: Black Cohosh is used to treat menopausal symptoms. When taken withan antihypertensive, it may cause hypotension. Licorice can increase potassiumloss and may cause dig toxicity.2. With acute appendicitis, expect to see pain first then nausea and vomiting.With gastroenitis, you will see nausea and vomiting first then pain.3. If a patient is allergic to latex, they should avoid apricots, cherries, grapes,kiwi, passion fruit, bananas, avocados, chestnuts, tomatoes and peaches.4. Do not elevate the stump after an AKA after the first 24 hours, as this maycause flexion contracture.5. Beta Blockers and ACEI are less effective in African Americans thanCaucasians.4.  

for the myelogram postop positions. water based dye (lighter) bed elevated. oilbased dye heavier bed flat. 2.autonomic dysreflexia- elevated bed first....then check foley or for impaction 3. any of the mycin's..check for tinnitus or hearing loss 4. cloudy dialysate...always futher assess and call doctor  [pic][pic]

. Dilantin can cause gingival hypoplasia, advise good oral hygiene and visits, IVP 25-50 mg/min 2. Placentia Previa is painless, bright red bleed 3. Abruption is painful, board-like abdomen 4. Need MAP of 70-90 to perfuse organs 5. Vitamin C can cause false + occult blood6.  

MAP= diastolic x 2 + systolic___________________ divided by 37.  
. celiac disease cant have BROW! BARLEY RYE OAT WHEAT 2. any eye surgery place on pt on unaffected side 3. if pt has lung cancer, craniotomy, or some kinda pituitary surgery watch for diabetes insipidus 4. sickle cell- hydration hydration important and treat pain if in crisis 5.dont palpate a wilm's tumor on the peds pt. can cause cancer cells to bereleased! oh one more: 6. terbutaline (Brethine) and mag sulfate- tx for preterm labor.8.  8.

Here's some pharmacology:Librium-antianxiety used to tx symptoms of acute alcohol withdrawal.Cogentin-used to tx parkinsonian side effects of Thorazine (antipsychotic med)Methadone hydrochloride-opiod analgesic; tx for narcotic withdrawalProcardia-antianginal med (CCB) decreases myocardial O2 demand.Digoxin-strengthens myocardial contractio0n & slows conduction thru AV nodeCoumadin-inhiits prothrombin synthesisAmicar-antifibrinolytic; prevents recurrence of subarachnoid hemorhage.Lithium-tx manic phase of bipolar Nimodipine-CCB; decreases spasm in cerebral blood vesselsdiltiazem-CCB; inhibits Ca+ influx in vascular smooth muscle; reduces myocardialO2 demand & decreases force of ventricular contractionclotrimazole-antifungal; treats rashes. 9.

NEVER NEVER NEVER administer KCl via IV push.10.
The level in the water seal chamber (chest tubes) fluctuates with respiration- nofluctuation indicates an obstruction and excessive bubbling indicates an air leak. Stay with the client for 15 minutes at the start of a blood transfusion. Nephrotic Syndrome leads to proteinuria while...
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